Alcon DailiesTotal1 contact lenses for astigmatism
Alcon DailiesTotal1 contact lenses for astigmatism. Click image to enlarge.

If you like the performance of DailiesTotal1 contact lenses—Alcon’s high-end daily disposable—you’ll soon be able to offer it for your astigmatic patients too. DT1 lenses have been available in single vision and multifocal versions for some time; in March, a toric version will join them.

As with other products in the DailiesTotal1 line, the new lens will use Alcon’s water gradient matrix design to enhance comfort by achieving nearly 100% water content at the surface, the company says. Other features the company touts are prism ballasting at the 8 and 4 o’clock positions to improve stabilization (which the company calls Precision Balance 8|4) and the addition of a phospholipid to help stabilize the tear film (called SmarTears by the company). The same prism ballast is also used in Alcon’s Precision1 and Air Optix toric daily disposables. Alcon says that feature allows lenses to settle in an average of 37 seconds and be within two degrees of ideal orientation in two minutes.

Alcon notes that the toric segment is the fastest growing part of the contact lens market, pointing to research showing that 32% of wearers have astigmatism but only about 10% currently wear a toric.

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