Now that elevated tear osmolarity is recognized as a factor in dry eye, therapies are adapting to combat it. That’s the rationale behind Allergan’s new Refresh Repair artificial tear, launched today. The product contains carboxymethylcellulose for eye lubrication, as do all products in the Refresh line. But Refresh Repair adds (inactive) hyaluronic acid and molecules called osmoprotectants that regulate cell membrane stability, to promote healing and undo the effects of hyperosmolarity, the company says.

A hyperosmotic ocular surface causes epithelial cells to lose water volume, increase osmolarity and trigger inflammation. The osmoprotectants in Refresh Repair, specifically glycerin  and erythritol, “displace salt in the tear film to safeguard epithelial cells against hyperosmotic stress, thus helping maintain the health of the ocular surface,” according to a press release. Water returns to the cell, osmolarity levels return to normal and cell volume is restored, Allergan says.

The company also states that the product is “clinically proven to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye and improve visual performance” compromised by the disease, “while offering patients improved comfort with low incidence of visual disturbances.”

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