Tyrvaya is the first FDA-approved nasal spray in the United States for treating dry eye.

Applying topical eye drops has long been a mainstay of treating dry eye disease (DED), but patient noncompliance and the potential for ocular irritation can dampen enthusiasm for such a regimen. An alternative approach—nasal stimulation of the trigeminal parasympathetic pathway—has been tried before with mechanical devices and now is possible with a pharmaceutical agent, varenicline solution 0.03mg (Tyrvaya) from new company Oyster Point Pharma. The drug was FDA approved on Monday.

Tyrvaya, a cholinergic agonist, triggers basal tear production, the company explains. After four weeks of BID administration, about half of patients using the treatment demonstrated 10mm or more improvement in Schirmer’s scores, according to a company press release. Patient-reported assessment of symptoms on a 1-100 scale also improved, the release says, as treatment reduced the mean score from 59 to about 40, an effect superior to the control group. The most common patient complaint was sneezing, reported in 82% of study participants.

The aqueous spray will be packaged in a carton containing two multidose bottles, each with enough medication for 15 days, and will be available by prescription beginning in November, Oyster Point says.

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