If you’ve enjoyed fitting hybrid soft/GP contact lenses but wished for more customization, here’s good news: SynergEyes now offers a new lens design that does away with fixed skirt and base curve options. Instead, a patient’s unique corneal diameter and curvature drive the specific lens design, the company says, with new linear skirts following the linear shape of the sclera.

Called SynergEyes iD, the lenses are individually designed to each patient’s unique ocular anatomy based on K readings, HVID and refraction, a company press release explains. The lenses are fit empirically, eliminating the need for diagnostic sets and potentially expanding access to the lens by removing an upfront cost to practitioners. A pre-launch study of fits on over 1,500 eyes yielded an 84% rate of first-lens dispense, high patient preference and satisfaction, and revenue retention, according to the company. 

A multifocal option for the lens uses an extended-depth-of-focus design from the Brien Holden Vision Institute, SynergEyes says, and proven multifocal optics provide patients with a clear visual experience that smoothly transitions through all distances.

More information is available at synergeyes.com.