If your practice does lens edging in-house—or is thinking of adding this capability—now there’s a new system to consider from and old and trusted source: the Kappa Special Edition Edging System from Essilor Instruments.

The company, which has over 50 years of experience in lens finishing equipment, says the new device is a mid-range edging system that offers speed, precision and ease of use. Its new ‘high curve’ function expands the base curve coverage up to 8; the system also allows adjustable bevel height, width and location. 

Practices equipped with the device can expect a greater variety of glasses dispensed, high-quality finished jobs and reduced re-dos, according to Essilor Instruments.

Those attending Vision Expo West can visit the Essilor Instruments booth (LP6065) for an in-depth demonstration of the Kappa Special Edition.

For more information, see www.essilorinstrumentsusa.com.