Hispanic patients surveyed in Baltimore did not understand the link between diabetes and ocular complications, according to research in Julys Archives of Ophthalmology.

Also, about half of Hispanic patients who have had diabetes for more than a year reported that they had never received a dilated eye exam. And, 79% of those diagnosed within the year had never received a dilated eye exam.

The frequency of dilated eye examinations among people with diabetes was unacceptable, and places this population at risk of visual loss, the authors conclude. These deficiencies need to be rectified with a culturally appropriate health education campaign, and with innovative ways to reduce barriers to health care.

Muoz B, OLeary M, Fonseca-Becker F, et al. Knowledge of diabetic eye disease and vision care guidelines among Hispanic individuals in Baltimore with and without diabetes. Arch Ophthalmol 2008 Jul;126(7):968-74.

Vol. No: 145:08Issue: 8/15/2008