If you’ve moved beyond the “follow my finger” assessment of ocular motility—or would like to—a recent software upgrade to the RightEye Vision System makes the technology more useful, according to a company press release.

The device digitally tracks eye movements and plots the results in detail, to uncover subtle deviations that might otherwise be missed. A new software module merges two prior ones into a single assessment that makes it easier for ODs to identify oculomotor impairments and document a patient’s unique profile, RightEye says. Doctors offering vision therapy or rehab sessions will get objective data on performance and be able to track, compare and show progress over time, making it easier to interpret test outcomes and communicate results to patients, the company explains.

Also, the system’s reference population of normative values has been expanded 19-fold over the previous version, which RightEye says allows doctors to compare individual visualizations at a higher level of granularity and thereby gain a more in-depth understanding of their patients’ visual status. Finally, the company says the system’s dashboard was completely reimagined with a goal of providing users more and faster information, making it easier to find every test, patient or note.

For more information, visit www.righteye.com/v4.