People who buy their contact lenses online or at a store are less likely to follow FDA recommendations, according to the results of a new survey in the January issue of Optometry. Other interesting findings:

86% of people who purchased their lenses from an eye doctor received a yearly eye exam. Only 76.5% of individuals who purchased their lenses online saw an eye doctor routinely.

89% of respondents said they felt confident purchasing contact lenses from their eye doctor. Only 77% felt confident buying lenses via the Internet.

35% of online purchasers did not check that the Rx was correct.

57% of people who purchased their lenses from an eye doctor went for a follow-up appointment. Only 29% of online purchasers did so.

Do you think optometrists in the U.S. are over-regulated? In Singapore, consumers who believe they have been overcharged or given poor service can now can bring optometrists before a mediator, thanks to an agreement between a consumer watchdog group and the Singapore Optometric Association (SOA). Doctors found guilty will be blacklisted and their names will publicized by the watchdog group. Also, the SOA will institute disciplinary action against them.

Vol. No: 145:01Issue: 1/15/2008