Optometrists looking for more options to treat severe ocular surface damage will be glad to hear that a new amniotic membrane therapy, called Opticyte, is on the way to market. Manufactured by Merakris Therapeutics and distributed by Keeler, the product is a biological barrier graft that protects the ocular surface during healing and supports cell attachment and ingrowth in patients who suffer from dry eye disease or other corneal defects, according to Keeler.

The company says Opticyte uses a manufacturing process intended to retain extracellular matrix properties and structures—making it ideal for ocular applications—is processed without harsh chemical reagents that may cause irritation when placed in the corneal bed, and is dehydrated for convenient storage. 

Opticyte comes in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm circular grafts along with 1x1cm and 1x2cm surgical repair grafts. For more information, visit merakris.com/ocular-therapeutics.