Practices looking for a new retinal camera without a steep learning curve might want to consider the Ezer EFC-2600, says manufacturer US Ophthalmic. Autofocus allows anyone to perform photography successfully, and the intuitive interface and large touchscreen enable straightforward operation, according to the company. 

 The EFC-2600 captures 12-megapixel retinal images at a field of view up to 100 degrees, without the need for pupil dilation. It works for anterior segment photography, too. For mosaic imaging, the operator can choose up to 10 fixation targets and the device will combine several results to produce a widefield of view of the retina. The touchscreen can also double as a display capable of side-by-side image view for serial analysis of change between visits.

DICOM compatibility allows images and reports to be easily transferred or integrated with other patient software, US Ophthalmic says. All electronic patient files and reports can be stored on the device and shared with specialists via cloud or email.

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