Optimizing GP Lenses

A new range of gas permeable contact lens materials is now available from Contamac, U.S. Optimum contact lenses are cast molded from individually formed lens blanks and include a variety of lens options and wear modalities.
Optimum Classic is made of Roflufocon A, with a 26Dk value, Optimum Comfort, made of Roflufocon C with a 65Dk value and Optimum Extra, made of Roflufocon D with a 100 Dk, are all approved for daily-wear. Optimum Extreme, made of Roflufocon E, with a Dk value of 125, is designed for dry eye patients and is also approved for daily-wear. The company says this new range of materials provides stability, comfort and oxygen transmissibility without sacrificing wettability.
Contamac says it will guarantee lenses for one year when used with Optimum by Lobob GP solutions. Call 1-866-872-6682, or go to

Customized Eyeglasses

The new Z-View technology from Ophthonix Inc. is a fully integrated system that

allows you to create customized ophthalmic lenses for your patients. The process involves three steps:
The systems Z-View aberrometer, an objective, through-lens binocular instrument, measures aberrations (second-order and higher), produces a digital prescription and transfers it to the systems programmer.
The programmer adds the prescription information to the lens, similar to the way a CD-burner adds data to a compact disk.
The equipment then produces the patients customized Z-lens eyeglasses.
The company says these lenses provide high-definition vision and allow for up to 20/10 visual acuity. Call (858) 646-5330, or go to

 UV Protection

The new Viewpoint collection from Eye Designs is a line of modular, semi-custom displays and furniture. Multiple styles in both modern and traditional designs are featured. Call 1-800-346-8890 or go to

The AOAs Commission on Ophthalmic Standards has granted its Seal of Acceptance for UltraViolet Absorb-ers/Blockers to Transitions lenses. Transitions lenses are the first to meet the criteria of the new category in the AOA Seal of Certification and Acceptance Program.
To earn the seal, the AOA requires that each product undergo independent analysis, block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays, and block at least 80% of radiant energy between 380 and 400nm. Call 1-800-848-1506 or go to

Natural Protection
Vision-Ease Lens Inc. announces the latest addition to its sun lens offerings, the SunRx line. These new lenses combine the light-absorbing properties of melanin, the natural substance found in the skin and retina, with Vision-Eases patented polarization process.
SunRx lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB light. They also block high-energy visible (HEV) light, also known as near-UV or blue light, which can contribute to glare.
Vision-Ease Lens SunRx sunglasses are made of polycarbonate and are available in a variety of designs. Single-vision lenses are available in gray and brown tints with silver, blue and gold mirror coatings, and in powers of +4.00D to 10.00D. Tegra Outlook progressive and D28 bifocal designs are available with gray lenses, powers of +3.75D to 10.00D, and up to +3.00D add. Call 1-800-328-3449, or go to

What"s New on the Web?

OnLine Contact Lens Ordering
Gotlenses, a new tool from Ocular Sciences Inc., allows your patients to order replacement contact lenses at their convenience. You can choose prices and lens availability, or you can choose the competitive pricing feature that monitors competitors and adjusts lens prices automatically.
You can also link the gotlenses Web site to your practices Web site. There are no set-up or registration fees, although there is a $0.50 transaction fee for each order.
Patients can visit the Web site or call 1-877-GOTLENSES (468-536737) to order and pay for replacement lenses, and choose the shipping method that best meets their needs. Gotlenses will then actively verify the prescription via e-mail, fax or telephone, according to your preference. Call 1-800-628-5367, or go to
Screening Topographer

The Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer from Art Optical Contact Lens Inc. can be used as a contact lens fitting aid for any type of irregular cornea. This includes post-op corneal transplant patients, keratoconus patients and patients with high amounts of astigmatism. You can also use the Medmont E300 for orthokeratology and other applications.
Features include precise image-capture capabilities, subtractive map functions with absolute and normal ranges (including axial, tangential and refractive map options), contact lens fitting programs and astigmatism management. The diameter covers 0.25mm to 11mm and has more than 15,000 measurement points.
Art Optical is currently offering financing and leasing options, including 0% interest for 12 months or 4.75% interest for 24 months. Call 1-800-253-9364, or go to

Retinal Imaging
The new Canon Eye Q Digital Retinal Imaging System is designed to help you diagnose patients without dilation. The system can capture and store millions of multi-dimensional images. You can then save these images to monitor a patients pathology, or send them electronically for consultation.
The Eye Q system is equipped with XML interface for universal software and Internet compatibility. Two packaged systems are available:
Eye Q Lite. This package bundles the Eye Q system with Canons CR6-45NM non-mydriatic retinal camera and a Canon digital camera that provides image capture in less than 10seconds. 
Eye Q Pro. This package adds dynamic imaging functions for more advanced applications, such as fluorescein angiography. It includes the Canon 60 degree CF-60Uvi or CF-60UD retinal camera.
You can encode and store patient records and image references in a separate indexed database. You can also cross-reference the system by patient, diagnosis or visit. Call (949) 753-4075, or go to

Patient Positioning
Richmond Products Heavy Duty chin rest is constructed of machined chrome uprights and cast metal crossbars. Features include adjustable chin height, chin rest stop for careful positioning, 500 chin rest papers, forehead rest for secure positioning and flip-over occluder.
The chin rest is 20 inches tall and 9 inches wide and is adjustable from 10.75 inches to 14.25 inches from a tabletop. Or, you can mount the chin rest with screws. Call (561) 994-2112, or go to

Cleaning Caddie

The new Tip Cleaner Caddie from Gulden Ophthal-mics lets you quickly disinfect and store tonometer tips in one place. The caddie keeps drops organized and includes a removable, refillable cup; one small hole for Goniosol; a peroxide cup with a fill line; and two small holes for tonometer tip drying. The Caddie also features a small footprint and can be wall-mounted.
A portable contact lens polisher is also available to help you remove deposits and scratches from gas permeable lenses to improve patient comfort and acuity. The cordless, palm-sized polisher includes flat and cone-shaped foam polishing pads and runs on a 1,400rpm motor. Two AA batteries are not included. Call 1-800-659-2250, or go to

Rimless Tools
Breitfield & Schliekert Optical Tools introduces another tool to help you work with rimless frames. The companys new screwdriver includes a protective cap that fits over the blade to prevent scratching lenses. The screwdriver is available in Phillips style with a 1.8mm blade.
Also available from B&S: new screw-holding tweezers with clamp, designed to make holding tiny screws easier. A locking mechanism ensures easy and comfortable handling. Call 1-888-429-5779, or go to

Frame Tools
Hilco has two new kits for your dispensary.

The Precision Screwdriver Kit features screwdrivers with high-impact plastic handles and swivel tops. The kit includes three flat screwdrivers (1.2mm, 2.0mm and 2.4mm) two Phillips (sizes 0 and 00) and a 2.5mm hex wrench, all with steel blades.
The Rimless Sampler Kit contains different components for modern three-piece eyewear, including screws, washers, nuts and Hilcos patented nose pads. The Sampler Kit is available in silver or gold. Call 1-800-955-6544, or go to

Step Up to Success

Johnson and Johnson Vision Cares new DVD, Five Steps to Success, features three video segments that illustrate specific tactics for dispensing premium products. The presentation recommends an office-wide approach that encompasses these five steps:
Educate. Begin successful communication in the exam room.
Prescribe. Recommend a specific brand in a written prescription.
Transfer. Communicate the recommendation to the dispensary.
Reinforce. Recap lens benefits at the dispensary.
Request. Specify the brand of lenses if the patient asks for a copy of his or her Rx.
The video clips show how you can implement the steps in your practice. Call 1-800-920-2021 x 3700, or go to


City Styles
Marchons DKNY Eyes features 24 new styles in its spring 2004 collection. Styles include:

DKNY 7832S, a zyl frame in geometric cat eye shape. Color combinations include black with black lens, silver pearl with black/gray mirror lens, brown/bordeaux with gradient oxblood lens and more. The frame is available in size 53/17-135.
DKNY 7833S, a modern, rectangular zyl unisex frame. The frame comes in size 57/15-125 and features gradient lens options in combinations like silver pearl with gray lens, Havana/olive with brown lens, khaki with gray lens, pink pearl with dark pink lens and others.
DKNY 7916S, a sporty, rectangular-wrap for women also features gradient lenses. Colors include black, dark tortoise, amber, beige and cranberry in size 58/15-120.
DKNY 7918S, an oversized round shape, comes in size 61/19-130 and colors such as black with gradient smoke lens, Havana with gradient brown lens and transparent with pink lens. Call 1-877-467-3639, or go to

Classic Sun
Luxotticas Ray-Ban brand has added nine new styles to its 2004 spring/summer collection. The new styles include:

RB 2132. A modification to the brands classic Wayfarer frame, the RB 2132 features a slightly more rounded profile. It comes in colors yellow tortoise, navy/black, sand/black, classic tortoise and black, and sizes 52/18-145 and 55/18-145.
RB 3202 and RB 3203. These nylon-mounted frames come in brown. RB 3202 includes brown polarized lenses and comes in size 54/16-140. RB 3203 features a blue/gold multilayer mirror lens in size 54/16-140.
RB 2128 and RB 2129. These propionate styles for women feature Ray-Bans glass lenses. Colors are wine/black, yellow tortoise and brown ribbon. Both frames come in size 51/18-135. Call (516) 484-3800, or go to

The March 2004 Review of Optometry Product Review incorrectly listed the Chanel 2004 collection of frames as a Marchon brand. Chanel is a Luxottica line. Review of Optometry editors apologize for the error and any confusion this may have caused our readers.

Vol. No: 141:05Issue: 5/15/04