Eye5 smart glasses for low vision.Eye5 smart glasses for low vision. Click image to enlarge.

Following the release of Eye4 smart glasses last fall, the company Eyedaptic recently introduced its latest version of the low vision aid, duly named Eye5. Similar to the previous model, the augmented reality glasses are tethered to a handheld cell phone—provided by the company—allowing users to take advantage of two cameras—one in the smartphone and one in the glasses—to help patients with central vision loss from retinal conditions such as AMD and diabetic retinopathy better see and navigate their environment. 

The new facial detection capability using artificial intelligence software is the main feature that sets Eye5 glasses apart from previous models, the company explained in a press release. As with the Eye4 model, Eye5 features an all-in-one custom user interface, auto zoom mode, image stabilization and contrast enhancement. The embedded camera in the new device also functions the same: it automatically enhances visual images by capturing the wearer’s environment and manipulating the pixels, re-displaying the image in higher resolution.

Eye5 smart glasses are designed with the same lightweight material as Eye4, weighing in at only three ounces to enhance comfortability and discreetness of wear, the company says. 

For more information, visit www.eyedaptic.com.