PixelOptics Inc., of Roanoke, Va., announced its entry to the global eye-care market with the objective of introducing transformational innovation in the spectacle lens category: the composite lens.

PixelOptics introduced its first product for presbyopesatLast!, the worlds first enhanced multifocalat this years Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. The company is developing a family of lens products ranging from composite static (fixed focus) lenses to new dynamic (changeable focus) products.

True composite lenses are basically nonexistent in the market today, says Ronald Blum, O.D., founder, President and CEO of PixelOptics (www.pixeloptics.com). Our focus is on inventing new ways of combining lens design technologies within a composite lens platform, so that a proprietary optical system is created within the lens that addresses vision problems more accurately and effectively, he says.

As a result of this unique amalgamation of technologies within a single lens, wearers enjoy significantly better vision, optics and cosmesis than theyre currently experiencing, Dr. Blum says. The companys goal is to create highly proprietary lens products that deliver unprecedented vision correction while benefiting the industrys full supply channel. PixelOptics has amassed more than 200 patents and patent applications in the U.S. and worldwide.

The company says that to utilize its new and proprietary composite lens technology, no special equipment needs to be purchased and the eye exam doesnt need to be modified.

Everything were doing will make the eye-care industry stronger, says William Spies, Chief Operating Officer of PixelOptics. The patient will see better with a far less compromised vision experience. The eye-care practitioner will be able to offer better vision correction and benefit financially. And, both wholesale and retail laboratories will have new products that are innovative and completely differentiated from anything theyve been offering for the past 30 to 40 years.

PixelOptics has secured financial support from a variety of investors in the healthcare market as well as from Panasonic Venture Group, the U.S. venture arm of Matsushita Electric.

Vol. No: 145:10Issue: 10/15/2008