Contact Lenses

Precise Prescription Contact Lenses

Intelliwave contact lenses, by Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc., are made-to-order precise prescription contact lenses. These soft lenses, made of hioxifilcon B or acofilcon B, are lathe cut and incorporate Wavefront technology and aberration control. The lenses can be made into aspheric, aspheric toric, multifocal and multifocal toric designs in a range of parameters customizable to each patients needs.

Patients lenses can be custom-manufactured and ready for shipment in four days. A protection plan, which allows lens exchanges and cancellation privileges, is also available. Call 1-800-253-9364, or go to  


Irregular Cornea Lenses

Quad Sym technology for irregular cornea lenses by Lens Dynamics, Inc., and QuadraKone keratoconus lenses, by Tru-Form Optics, Inc., are now covered under a new patent. The companies have entered into a patent licensing agreement that covers quadrant specific technology, which includes lenses for keratoconic and irregular corneas.

Quad Sym technology takes the companys Dyna Cone Plus+ or Dyna Intra-Limbal lens and divides it into four quadrants to customize the lens to the eye. A fitting set for the Dyna Cone Plus+ include 26 lenses with a standard diameter of 8.8mm (available range from 8.0mm to 9.9mm) and base curves from 5.1mm to 7.6mm. The Dyna Intra-Limbal fitting set offers a standard diameter of 11.2mm (available range from 10.4mm to 12.6mm) and base curves from 6.49mm to 8.65mm. Likewise, the QuadraKone lens is made to order, with an available fitting set, but the 26-lens fitting set contains lenses with an 8.7mm diameter and base curves from 7.6mm to 5.1mm.

For Lens Dynamics, call 1-800-228-2691, or go to For Tru-Form Optics, call 1-800-792-1095, or go to  


Diagnostic Technology

Stereopsis Tests and Projector Slides

New Stereopsis Tests from Vision Assessment Corporation now include Lea symbols. And, monocular cues have been eliminated, which, the company says, makes these tests more accurate when examining stereopsis.

These tests are indicated for amblyopia and strabismus, and they evaluate gross to fine stereopsis for preschoolers through adults. Each test includes the adult and pediatric polarized viewer at no extra charge.

Vision Assessment Corporations Standard and Vectographic Projector Slides are designed for use in all manual chart projectors.

The set includes 16 slides that feature letters, numbers, Landolt Cs, Tumbling Es, the Allen test and Lea symbols.
Call 1-866-887-9692, or go to

Office Design
Display Panels introduces the Fusion wall-mounted display panel and the Aero wall-mounted aluminum display rod. Fusion panels hold either five frames or 15 frames, and come in a white, non-reflective pebble finish.

Frame locks are available. Panels may be mounted in various configurations to adapt to the space allotted.
Aero rods display 15 frames per rod and may be used with available frame locks. The Aero system is offered in either black or satin chrome finish.

Call (610) 489-7620, or go to



Dolce and Gabbana by Luxottica

Luxottica presents the new collection of sunwear. In this line, the focus is on temple treatments and small details. The frames include:

DG 2029, a unisex metal aviator that features a double-bar bridge with clear plastic accents. The frame comes in silver, light gold, bronze and gunmetal with silver or bronze mirrored lenses. It is available in size 63/14-130.

DG 2035, a womens oversized wraparound plastic and metal frame. The thin temples highlight the D&G logo treatment. This frame is offered in black, nude pink, pearl gray, white, tobacco and scarlet red. It comes in size 62/17-115.

DG 6031, a mens linear plastic wraparound frame. The temples feature silver, gold or gunmetal accents and an engraved logo treatment on the inside of each. This frame comes in black, dark tobacco, army green and blue with corresponding lens colors. It is available in size 63/31-120.

DG 6043, a womens oversized round frame with a thin metal overlay on each temple. The D&G logo is set on the inside of each temple. This frame is available in black/gold, tobacco/silver, white/silver, red/silver, army green/silver and nude pink/silver. It comes in size 64/17-115.

Call 1-800-434-3800, or go to


Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar introduces a new unisex aviator, Leatherback. Made of lightweight nickel-silver alloy thats tinted to either shiny palladium or gunmetal, this rimless

aviator comes with polycarbonate gray or blue mirror lenses. This frame is available in size 61/13-125.

Call 1-800-447-3700, or go to  


Carolina Herrera by Base Curve

Base Curve Eyewear presents the new collection of womens ophthalmic eyewear by Carolina Herrera. The line focuses on embellishment and lavish details. It includes:

H116, an oval titanium frame with acetate temples that feature three-dimensional detailing. It is available in shiny dark brown, cranberry and slate and in size 51/17-135.

H117, an oval metal frame with acetate temples that feature geometric details. This frame is offered in shiny brown, cranberry and shiny dark gun in size 48/18-135.

H313, a metal cat-eye frame with lacy details and layered acetate temples. It comes in black lace, brown horn/lime or violet horn in size 52/15-135.

H314, a plastic rectangular frame with hand-painted epoxy accents. It comes in black marble, tortoise or red/horn in size 52/15-135.

H315, an acetate rectangular frame that features metal accents and Swarovski crystal embellishments. This style is available in black, bronze and violet horn in size 50/15-135.

H316, a plastic rectangular frame that also features metal and crystal details. This frame comes in black marble, honey amber or plum in size 52/15-135.

Call 1-877-777-9677, or go to

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