Dry Eye

Lubricant Drops

Blink Tears, by Advanced Medical Optics (AMO), is intended to be retained on the eye for more than 60 minutes. This over-the-counter eye drop improves tear film stability and restores the tear film. When the eye blinks, it thins, and when the eye opens, it thickens. Call (714) 247-8200 or go to www.amo-inc.com.  


Lid Scrub

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub PLUS, by Cynacon/Ocusoft, is a leave-on lid scrub with a wide range of bactericidal activity. It has demonstrated efficacy against Staphylococcus epidermidis, S. aureus, methicillin-resistant S. aureus, Escherichia coli, Serratia marcescens, Pseudomonas and Moraxella. Also, the lid scrub features a low-level preservative and is intended to irritate the eye less, the company says. Call 1-800-233-5469, or go to www.ocusoft.com.  

Contact Lenses

Toric Soft Lenses

Extreme H2O 54% Toric MC lenses, from Hydrogel Vision Corporation, are the latest addition to the Extreme H2O line of soft lenses. These lenses are intended for those astigmats between 1.25D and 1.75D. The lens is available in 10 axis increments. The lenses are made of a hydrogel copolymer and hioxifilcon D, and feature a water content of 54%. The lens uses a prism-ballast design with a toric back surface and is offered in a 14.2mm diameter. The replacement schedule is two weeks to one month, and lenses are sold in packs of six. Free fitting sets are available through Hydrogel Vision Corporation. Call 1-877-336-2482, or go to www.extreme-h20.com.


Two-Week SiHy

Avaira silicone hydrogel lenses, by CooperVision, have just been released in a two-week replacement modality. Made with the proprietary Aquaform technology of enfilcon A, Avaira lenses also include a UV-blocking agent and rounded edges for increased comfort during wear. The lenses are available in sphere powers from -0.25D to -6.00D with a base curve of 8.5mm and diameter of 14.2mm. They come in six-lens packs or three-lens trial packs. Call 1-800-341-2020, or go to www.coopervision.com.

Practice Management

Management/EMR Software

The updated software package maximEyes 6.1 has been released by First Insight Corporation. New features include billing and coding analysis, professional letter templates and auto-generation abilities, online patient records (that patients can update themselves) and an interface with VisionWeb for streamlined ordering. Call 1-800-920-1940, or go to www.first-insight.com.


Laptop Cart

A mobile storage cart capable of holding and charging up to 32 laptop computers is now available from Ancom Business Products. The cart is capable of storing, charging and easily transporting laptops or various other pieces of equipment. It also features translucent retractable tambour doors and a ventilated design to keep laptops from overheating. Call 1-800-845-9010, or go to www.ancom-filing.com.


Virtual Frameboard

The Virtual Frameboard, by C&E Vision Services, is now available to buying group members. The frameboard allows your patients to choose a frame from an expanded selection of brands and styles. To use, simply log in to your C&E account and select any additional frames that you wish your patients to be able to choose from. Call 1-800-346-2626 or go to www.cevision.com.


Office Design
Secure Display System

The Secure-It System, from Fashion Optical Displays, protects your frames in locking metal frame supports. Also available in a non-locking version, a set of keys comes standard with the Secure-It System. The system is available in Fashion Opticals Security Rotating Island, but it may also be ordered for most of the companys frame displays. Call 1-800-824-4106, or go to www.fashionoptical.com.

Vol. No: 145:05Issue: 5/15/2008