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Chart 2020 App
Maui Jim Breakers
Lens Technology
Getting Progressive
New technology designed to step up the game of progressive lenses has been introduced by Younger Optics. The company’s Camber Lens Technology uses a new lens blank with a variable base curve—the front surface increases in optical power from the top to the bottom of the lens blank. This provides the appropriate base curve from the distance zone to the near zone. According to Camber, wearers experience better vision in all zones, including an improved reading area and faster adaptation. Visit

Low Vision
Cane and Able
People who suffer from low vision due to natural aging, macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and other chronic diseases now have a new option to light their way: Technical Vision’s customized canes. My Mobile Light uses a built-in LED to provide high-quality lighting in the travel path of those with low vision. The light covers 24” to 30” in front and laterally. The products was designed and tested in collaboration with low vision rehab therapists at Salus University’s College of Optometry. Visit

Practice Management
Power for Your Practice
If you want individualized marketing consultations at your service and tailored to your goals, Eye Care Prime Premier might work for you.
This CooperVision product offers digital marketing consulting and execution services based on your specific business objectives. Each consultant develops a customized integrated marketing approach, then executes the plan across all digital platforms, including social media, web and customer relationship marketing. Clients are also given regular reports and analysis. Visit

Smart Tablets
You can now purchase a wide range of testing apps for M&S Technologies’ Smart System Tablet through the company’s web store. This includes apps for Near Visual Acuity Testing, Letter Contrast Sensitivity Testing, Stereo Testing, ColorCheck Color Testing, Amsler Grid for AMD detection, and the CustomLink app for controlling the system. Prices range from $29 to $99, depending on the app. Visit

Contact Lenses
Start-Up Samples
If you’re a practicing clinician, you probably struggle with patient compliance in many scenarios. For your contact lens practice, Alcon aims to curb some of that struggle with its new Patient Compliance Kit, designed to educate patients on how to take care of their contact lenses while also providing patients with the impact of a clear doctor recommendation. According to Alcon, 95% of optometrists distribute sample starter lens care kits, but only 31% of patients say they received an actual recommendation for a specific product. In other words: Distributing free samples doesn’t always translate into a recommendation. Alcon’s kit includes tips, promotional material on features and benefits of the company’s advanced lens care technology, a new contact lens case and coupons.

Flex Your Muscles
A feature-rich visual acuity app is now available for retina display iPad devices as an add-in to Konan Medical’s Chart2020 Duo app. The Flex test allows clinicians to instantly adjust visual acuity parameters to test from 33cm (14 inches) to 6m (20 feet). Flex is gesture-driven and designed to intuitively display acuity lines, single letters and full charts, including smart randomization and reverse contrast on retina display iPad devices. Visit

Seventies Fab
If you thought the 1970s were over, you were wrong. Maui Jim says the retro era has made a comeback in eyewear, and they’ve got the products to prove it.
The company has updated the throwback style with today’s advanced technologies. These styles include ’70s motorcycle-inspired Breakers, a double-bridged, high-grade nylon aviator; Legends, which were designed with the movies in mind; and Honomanu, which features the classic ’70s teardrop shape of an oversized metal aviator. Visit