Whether you are fresh out of optometry school or you have been practicing for decades, almost every optometrist will agree that you need to constantly strive for your personal best in order to achieve the optimum level of excellence in your practice.

No matter your level of experience, SECO International has once again created an unparalleled opportunity for optometrists to benefit from world-class continuing education and events during SECO 2008, held in Atlanta, from February 27 to March 2.

The best and the brightest in optometry have created a program that will challenge each of us to reach a new level of success.

One Team, One Dream


Lets face it: For your practice to be a success, it takes a team effort. With this winning philosophy in mind, SECO has designed several courses to help promote optometric team learning. The One Team, One Dream Track includes five courses to help O.D.s and AOPs strengthen their practice management skills.


Heres a look at the One Team, One Dream Track:


Over the Top: Improving Patient Satisfaction, Course 119David Pearce, B.S., gives you a basic understanding of how to differentiate your practice in a competitive market. Find out how to achieve higher sales per patient, increase penetration of premium products and services and improve patient satisfaction. Supported in part by Hoya.

Coaching for Peak Performance, Course 126Learn how to effectively build staff performance, confidence and motivation in your practice. In this fully loaded seminar, Donna Suter highlights how to tap into your employees self-motivation, the effectiveness of incentives, the three training principles (educate, coach and apply), negative behavior influences and how to achieve high performance and profits. Supported in part by The Vision Care Institute.

The EMR Decathlon, Course 134This course examines what you should consider in order to have your practice run smoothly with an electronic medical record system. Discover the pros and cons of individual systems so that you select the right one for your practice. Presented by optometrists Christopher Mann, Kelly Kerksick, Daryl Mann, and Robert Vandervort. Supported in part by maximEyes by First Insight.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft, Course 140This is a rapidly growing nationwide problem that you need to address. Let Branch Walton show you how to protect yourself, your practice and your patients with valuable tips to minimize information leakage.

New Frame and Lens Designs in the Optometric Office, Course 812Explore recent advances in frame materials, lens designs and their application. Youll also learn about ultra short corridor lenses and newer high-index lenses as well as trends in frame colors, materials and construction. Sharon Leonard, FNAO, will also emphasize working with AR coatings, newer photochromics and specialized occupational lenses. Supported in part by Carl Zeiss Meditec and Carl Zeiss Vision.

SECO is renowned as the Education Destination, and much of what you will experience at SECO cannot be found anywhere else. At SECO, you can hear directly from the leading experts in eye care on topics ranging from practice management and EMR to cornea, contact lenses and glaucoma, just to name a few. SECO has also custom-tailored courses specifically for practitioners, residents, students and staff.

This year, SECO has created a winning lineup of courses, programs and networking events that will help you raise the bar in your practice in the spirit of the Olympic quest for excellence. And as always, SECO has created this inspirational theme to help you fully enjoy the meeting as you go for the gold!

In honor of the upcoming 2008 Olympic summer games, SECO is embracing the Olympic spirit with the theme Raising the Bar. SECO has combined creativity and content with these Olympic-themed courses: Taking Uveitis to the Mat, Wrestling with Vista, Nutrition for the Athlete in You, High Hurdles: The Most Challenging Resident Cases of the Year, and Go the Distance with the Anterior Segment. No matter the course, SECO will offer what you need to provide the best patient care and to build a successful practice.

Whether its the Opening Ceremonies or one of the 18 brand-new and innovative educational tracks, your learning experience at SECO 2008 will be unparalleled. SECO will offer more than 150 hours and 97 total courses to O.D.s.

Some of the many special sessions, panels, tracks and workshops include Hey Doc, Can I Pick Your Brain: Cataract Conundrums, Its Geek to Me, SECO Rookie Class, and A Day in the Life of... Track, where you can gain a better appreciation of what some of your industry-related colleagues do every day. If you have been to SECO before, you know that you will get the ultimate opportunity to learn, network and have some fun in between!

Heres a brief snapshot of what you can expect for SECO 2008:

Approximately 400 hours of continuing education in a program  of more than 250 courses led by approximately 80 of  the worlds leading optometry experts.

18 all-new and innovative educational tracks.

21 hours of free O.D. continuing education.       

32 hours of CE credit possible.

136 hours of free AOP education, featuring 13 all-new educational tracks.

The joint O.D.-AOP One Team, One Dream program.

The Expanded Optometrys Marketplace with 70,000 square  feet and nearly 300 exhibitors where you can find the latest technology, equipment and products.

I encourage you to register soon, as many will be signing up for the new courses and workshops.

Register early to receive discounted rates and use the easy online registration process to ensure you are registered for the courses and activities you want.
With SECOs many joint education courses, dont forget to bring your staff so you can strengthen your team.

On behalf of the entire CE Committee, I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.
Let the games begin!


SECO 2008: Education Highlights

SECO is more than an annual continuing education meeting. Its an unparalleled opportunity where optometrists from around the world converge to learn the latest in optometry. SECO 2008 will feature an extraordinary continuing education program with more than 95 total courses led by approximately 80 of the worlds leading optometry experts. You can take advantage of:

  More than 150 hours of valuable O.D. education.

  21 hours of free O.D. continuing education and special sessions.

  32 hours of CE credit possible.


Raise the Bar in Your Practice


Throughout the continuing education program SECO has assembled, attendees will see the Raising the Bar theme in the continuing education tracks and course titles. Youll want to tap into your inner athlete and take advantage of the special sessions as well as the courses in the following 18 all-new and innovative educational tracks:


  Breakfast with the Experts Track

  Structure vs. Function Face Off Track

  Its Geek to Me Track

  Retinal Relay Track

  Red Eye Round Up Track

  SECO Rookie Class Track

  Making a Splash in Eye Research Track

  Champions for Children Track

  CIBA Vision Corneal Track

  A Day in the Life of... Track

  Glaucoma Game Plan Track

  Get Up to Speed with Oral Meds Track

  Special Topics Medley Track

  Special People, Special Needs Track

  On Your Mark! Get Set! Go! Track

  Vault to Success Track

  Heavyweight Contender Track
  Approaching the Finish Line Track

Vol. No: 145:02Issue: 2/15/2008