U.S. patients underwent more than 5.4 million cataract, refractive, retinal and glaucoma procedures in 2004, according to a report by Millennium Research Groupa Toronto-based provider of market research on medical devices. Thats good news for manufacturers, whose combined revenues from ophthalmic surgical devices exceeded $900 million, the research group says.

The report, titled U.S. Markets for Ophthalmic Devices 2005, says this number will rise 8% annually over the next five years, exceeding $1.3 billion by 2009. This is due to both an aging population and technological advances.

High-tech products, such as advanced intraocular lenses, are driving average costs for ophthalmic devices upwards, the report says. Also, these devices expand the eligible patient population for ophthalmic procedures.

While preparing its report, Millennium Research Group analyzed the markets for IOLs, viscoelastics, phacoemulsification consoles, refractive surgery, keratomes and blades, ophthalmic lasers, vitrectomy consoles and glaucoma shunts.

Vol. No: 142:9Issue: 9/15/2005