Contact Lenses 

New Monthly SiHy Multifocal Launched
Bausch + Lomb recently added a new multifocal option to its Ultra contact lens line, called Ultra for Presbyopia.

The monthly replacement lens combines the Ultra material’s high wettability with the three-zone progressive design found in Bausch + Lomb’s daily disposable multifocals. The lens uses polyvinylpyrrolidone, allowing it the highest Dk/t (163) and lowest modulus (70) on the market, Bausch + Lomb says. The lens also has aspheric optics for better vision in low light conditions, according to B+L. 


New Packaging Option
Optometrists can now offer presbyopes a convenient 90-day pack of CooperVision’s Clariti 1-Day multi-focal contact lenses. The Clariti 1-Day lenses provide presbyopia patients with the benefits of silicone hydrogels and the advantages of a daily modality, resulting in a healthier contact lens-wearing experience, according to Cooper-Vision. The lenses feature a base curve of 8.6mm, a diameter of 14.1mm, and a Dk/t (@-3.00D) of 86, with a power range of +5.00D to -6.00D (0.25 steps) with add powers of low (up to +2.25D) and high (+2.50 to +3.00D), according to CooperVision.


Ophthalmic Lenses

New Lens Material to Debut
At Vision Expo East, FastGrind will launch VisionAir 1.56 index, a material for use with its digital progressive and single vision lenses. It allows practices to accommodate a wider Rx range without concern for thick, bulky lenses or limited frame options, the manufacturer says. Single vision lenses can be surfaced to a  -10.00 and up to a +9.00 prescription with ease. Visit FastGrind at Vision Expo East, Booth #LP7558.

Practice Management

Redesigned Virtual Education Website
EyePromise has redesigned its Eye Care Support Program (ESP), to provide practitioners additional opportunities for education on topics related to ocular nutrition, according to EyePromise’s parent company ZeaVision. The new education portal now includes EyePromise University and the EyePromise rewards program. The program allows optometrists to earn reward points, redeemable in ESP’s rewards center, in exchange for course enrollment and product purchases within the portal.


Diagnostic Technology

New OCT Angiography System 
Optovue now offers a new imaging system, the AngioVue, that allows optometrists to view abnormal retinal vasculature noninvasively. Unlike FA, AngioVue does not require the use of dye injections, which can often obscure the target anatomy, leading to side effects and other complications, according to the company.  

In less than three seconds, the AngioVue system acquires a single image that complements fluorescein angiography, Optovue says.


Oculus Adds New Pentacam Model 
The Pentacam’s new AXL model integrates axial length measurement, allowing optometrists to make accurate IOL calculations using one device with one measurement procedure, Oculus says. The network-compatible IOL calculation software offers standard, ray-tracing and postsurgical cornea formulas. 

The new model also includes a comprehensive IOL database with IOL constants. With IOL constant optimization, surgical data and post-refractive exam findings are secured with a few clicks, Oculus says.

Some of the Pentacam AXL’s features include:

  •  Fast screening report
  • Belin/Ambrósio enhanced ectasia display 
  • Densitometric evaluation 
  • Cataract pre-op display: select premium IOL in four steps. Calculations for toric IOLs use total corneal refractive power.