Lacrimal Plugs Improve Dry Eye Symptoms
A recent American Academy of Ophthalmology report found that lacrimal drainage system plugs—including punctal, intracanalicular and dissolving types—improve signs and symptoms by 50% or more in patients with moderate dry eye and for whom topical lubrication has been ineffective. The study also noted complications from plugs were infrequent. The report, published online on May 30 in Ophthalmology, was based on a literature review of 27 studies. 

Reasons for FDA Drug Rejections Hidden
FDA analysis, published in the British Medical Journal, indicates drug companies don’t properly inform the public of the reasons a drug is rejected. FDA complete response letters cite the specific safety and efficacy deficiencies that led to a drug’s rejection; yet, as a whole, companies only shared an average of 14% of those statements in their press releases, the analysis found. “Press releases are incomplete substitutes for the detailed information contained in complete response letters,” the study authors conclude.

Dr. Daurio Dies
Concetta Daurio, OD, MBA, died on June 3, 2015. Dr. Daurio was the
chief of Optometry at the Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in the Boston area, a past-chairman of the American Optometric Association Multidisciplinary Section and chaired various committees affiliated with the American Public Health Association.

Actavis Name Change
recently announced its decision to change its name to Allergan after the acquisition of Allergan in March 2015. Stakeholders approved the name change June 5.