New Meivertor eyelid eversion tool.

New Meivertor eyelid eversion tool. Photo: Meivertor. Click image to enlarge.

When evaluating patients with symptoms that suggest possible meibomian gland dysfunction, a thorough examination of both the upper and lower eyelids is crucial to detect and assess the condition. A new lid eversion tool called the Meivertor aims to help clinicians obtain high-quality images of the meibomian glands. The tool can be used with a single hand, freeing up the second hand to control the meibographer, the company says.

The stainless-steel handle features grips with etched surfaces to optimize its rotation and silicone tips designed to securely and evenly grip across the eyelashes, the company notes on its website. It adds that the tips are sold in a pack of 100 and are single-use disposable to ensure patient hygiene. 

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