I recently came across a short article in a magazine about what to do and what not to do. These were labeled “Always,” “Sometimes” and “Never.” Here’s an example:

Always wash your hands before inserting contact lenses.
Sometimes wash your hands before dinner.
Never wash your hands before—well, washing your hands.

See? In the magazine, they use this to teach one how to be a better person. So I thought it was high time I cleared some matters up with an optometric Always, Sometimes, and Never. Now lock yourself in the bathroom, read and grow.

Always wash your hands before inserting contact lenses.
Sometimes wash your hands after inserting a nosepad.
Never wash your hands after shaking my hand at a meeting.

Always make sure your Mom has decent glasses.
Sometimes let her choose the frame herself.
Never bring up your cost unless you want World War III.

Always pay your staff members well for their hard work and loyalty.
Sometimes pay your staff members a bonus for their hard work and loyalty.
Never pay your staff members a bonus for reading a texted joke to you at 2:15 p.m. on a work day.

Always keep the landscaping around your office bright and cheerful.
Sometimes pull a weed or two yourself when it’s needed.
Never mow after 8 p.m. if you are my bullhonkin’ neighbors.

Always believe that your patients are honorable and deserve respect.
Sometimes accept that an occasional patient will be less than honorable.
Never allow any patient to wander around your frame room unattended.

Always follow your gut when it comes to frame and contact lens inventory.
Sometimes listen to your colleagues and sales reps for good advice.
Never buy a lens bank of those contacts that make your eyes look like you have leukocoria.

Always drink plenty of water during your day at the office.
Sometimes have a cup of tea on those snowy, cold mornings between patients.
Never fire down one of those hypercaffeinated energy drinks before removing a rust ring.

Always thank your pharmaceutical rep for stopping by.
Sometimes ask him for extra samples.
Never accept one measly bottle when you know he leaves two dozen at the ophthalmologist’s office every month.

Always wear professional clothing to work.
Sometimes wear a nice white shirt and tie to work.
Never wear your “I Love Tequila But Tequila Doesn’t Love Me” T-shirt to the Rotary meeting.

I’m certain you have your own lists of “Always, Sometimes, and Never.” Stick to what you know and you’ll never go wrong. I have always been sure that sometimes that will never get you in trouble.