To help binocular vision patients who need prism, and others who find near vision work taxing to their eyes and bodies, this summer Neurolens will be introducing a new version of its testing equipment called the Neurolens Measurement Device Gen 2 (nMD2). 

Neurolens says the NMD2 is an objective and thus more accurate way to measure binocular vision because it doesn’t rely on the patient’s subjective feedback, which also allows the operator to be a tech at any experience level.

The new version’s eye tracking system can identify eye misalignment as small as 0.1 prism diopters, according to the manufacturer. The diagnostic data from the NMD2 is used to prescribe custom lenses that vary the amount of prism from top to bottom to account for differing visual needs as focal length changes. The company calls this concept “contoured prism” and says it offers ergonomic benefits to patients by allowing better posture during near vision tasks like computer use.

The NMD2 is 80% smaller than the first-generation device, making it easier to incorporate into any practice space, the company says. It’s also 35% faster, which the company says can improve pre-test efficiency and overall patient flow. Finally, the new device also supports faster eye tracking and increased fields of vision, allowing for additional testing capabilities.

The NMD2 will be commercially available on July 1, 2021, but the company will take orders immediately as part of a pre-sale offer. To learn more, visit