A new heads-up virtual reality display called VisuAll allows practices to perform threshold perimetry in about three minutes and screenings in 90 seconds, says manufacturer Olleyes. The device analyzes retinal sensitivity in patients with glaucoma and other visual disorders, and enables examination of multiple patients at a time in a number of settings, increasing office productivity, according to Olleyes. 

VisuAll includes commonly used perimetry protocols (10-2, 24-2, 30-2) as well as some specific to pediatric testing. However, the company says its platform is more than just a portable perimeter; rather, it’s a multi-test system that includes acuity testing, color vision and more to come. Testing can be done in office or at home using appropriate devices for each setting, even in a fully illuminated waiting room, the manufacturer says.

The product will be distributed by Keeler Instruments. The two companies recently signed a partnership agreement. For more information, visit olleyes.com.