Doctor, My Eyes… Are Tired!

With ubiquitous tech comes asthenopia, but your patients may not be reporting it. To keep patients safe in this digital world, gain greater clarity in defining and discussing eyestrain.

Vision Expo East 2015: A Focus on Education

Contact lenses, wellness and ocular diseases are hot topics this year—as is new technology to keep Expo attendees engaged. See what else is in store for VEE 2015.

Injection: The Third Method of Drug Administration

Even if you don't perform injections in your office, you should know the different types of injections in eye care, and how they're performed.

Is Optometry Abandoning Its Roots?

An in-depth look at how the profession has matured and a discussion of the potential consequences of continued growth as practitioners reach for more.

Make Your Specialty Your Success

Learn from the marketing techniques your colleagues have used in their contact lens, children’s vision and low vision practices.

Ocular Drug Preview: Spotlight on Emerging Pharmaceuticals

New drugs are on the way. Here's a preview of some therapies that may soon be in the limelight.

Put Office Interruptions On Hold

Make your practice efficient by streamlining communication and workflow.

Fifth Annual Presbyopia Report: Your Role in Fall Prevention

Falls among older patients are a serious public health problem. Can improved vision decrease the risk?

Comanagement Guide to Phakic IOLs

With the recent FDA approval of the Verisyse phakic IOL, you can offer refractive procedures to your high myopes. Here's what you'll need to know before you get started.


How the eye is used in forensic medicine, and how you can help detect and prevent crimes.

Upcoming Events

July 24, 2024

Rethinking Dry Eye Disease: A Contemporary Approach to a Complex Condition
Location: Virtual
Presenters: Jade Coats, OD, and Neel Vaidya, MD, MPH
Webinar: 9:00pm ET

Sponsored by Bausch + Lomb

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August 14, 2024

The 3 I's of Geographic Atrophy: Imaging, Identification, and Intervention
Location: Virtual
Presenters:  Mark Dunbar, OD, FAAO, and David Chin Yee, MD
Webinar: 8:30pm ET

Sponsored by Apellis

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August 20, 2024

Rethinking Dry Eye Disease: A Contemporary Approach to a Complex Condition
Location: Virtual
Presenters: Joshua Davidson, OD, and Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD
Webinar: 8:00pm ET

Sponsored by Bausch + Lomb

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