DEWS II: Redefining Dry Eye - August 2017

A Definitive Decade for Dry Eye

Having chaired the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS) II steering committee over the last 2.5 years, I witnessed firsthand the magnitude of the task we chose to undertake: to modernize the eye care community’s concepts and clinical practices surrounding this widespread yet poorly understood condition. The Workshop, comprised of 150 experts spanning 23 countries, reviewed thousands of published articles on dry eye disease (DED) to produce TFOS DEWS II, recently published in Ocular Surface. Coming a decade after the original TFOS DEWS report of 2007 and reflecting a body of scientific literature that had nearly doubled in that time alone, this new work—encompassing reports from 10 of the 12 TFOS subcommittees—updates the definition, classification and diagnostic methodology of dry eye disease; explores its causes, mechanisms and global impact; and offers an evidence-based consensus opinion on approaches to treatment.

A key driver of our work was the goal of grounding the final TFOS DEWS II report in evidence-based medicine as a means of enabling broad adoption, free of influence or ambiguity. It is the fervent wish of all involved that this effort may translate into better clinical protocols that bring our patients sustained, long-term relief. 
- J. Daniel Nelson, MD, TFOS DEWS II Chair 

Above this introduction, you can find digital and PDF editions of Review of Optometry's special report on TFOS DEWS II. Additionally, you can read the individual articles by clicking the links below:

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