Home OCT Assessment of nAMD Comparable with Manual Grading

A prototype was able to accurately segment all types of retinal fluid in a cohort of patients receiving anti-VEGF.

AMD, CSC Mechanisms Overlap, Gene Studies Say

Risk for the two conditions may be intertwined.

Dry AMD Linked to Dementia

A 1.22-fold increase of development was determined for both degeneration types, a large study finds. The authors argue for eye doctors to consider performing cognitive testing when warranted.

Traditional nAMD Progression Biomarkers Less Useful in Asians

Because of increased prevalence of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy, these patients are less likely to have fellow-eye involvement, and they may present with different markers.

Evaluating Visual Quality in AMD

Understand how to best serve your patients with this condition to help improve their quality of life.

Cataract Surgery Positively Correlated to AMD Progression

Particularly beyond five years post-op, a meta-analysis identified an increased risk of disease worsening.

Certain Systemic Medications May Lower AMD Prevalence

Understanding how these drugs interfere with the condition’s pathways may lead to new therapeutic avenues.

Newest AMD Prevalence Estimate Says 20 Million Americans Affected

Nearly all—92.5%—are classified as early-stage disease in a new study that finds growth in this population.

Risk of Vitreomacular Interface Changes in Early-stage Anti-VEGF Therapy

However, beyond the first three injections, the association showed no significance in nAMD patients.

Susvimo AMD Implant Recalled Due to Potential for Leakage

Once production issues involving the device seal are resolved, the product is expected to re-enter the market next year.

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