Study Links Digestive Health to AMD

Dysbiosis—adverse changes to the microorganisms of the GI tract—may trigger inflammatory processes that extend to the eye, researchers suggest.

Antibiotic Use Frequency and Duration Linked to AMD Diagnosis

Exposure to aminoglycosides and fluoroquinolones was associated with new-onset cases. Could the gut microbiota play a role in disease pathogenesis?

UV Radiation Linked with Early AMD Onset

However, the researchers were unable to document a dose response based on lifetime exposure.

AMD Genetic Profile Predictive of Early GA Enlargement

ARMS2/HTRA1 is an important risk factor for identifying eyes likely to experience fast lesion progression.

The Wild and Woolly World of Anti-VEGF in 2023

A once-simple treatment protocol has gotten more sophisticated—and complicated—by novel drug compounds, varied dosing regimens and sustained-release delivery methods. Here’s the current state of affairs.

Subretinal Drusenoid Deposits May be Hereditary

Although relatives of patients may also be at risk of development, the strongest predictor of changes in a recent study was older age.

Large Area, Fast Growth Risk Factors for MNV Exudative Progression in AMD

Studies show OCT-A helps detect and characterize lesions, which may aid earlier diagnosis and monitoring.

Study Identifies Nine New AMD Risk Loci

A total of 63 were detected, in addition to the well-established CFH and ARMS2 loci, which researchers found don't have as much prediction accuracy as prior reports have concluded.

AMD Prevalence High in Asian-Americans Age 40 to 60

Study shows this in Asian Medicare beneficiaries, including females between the ages of 40 and 64 with a history of diabetes or hypertension.

Avoid Misdiagnosing Late-Onset Stargardt’s Disease for AMD

The use of multimodal imaging can distinguish between these two conditions.

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