Contact Lenses

Study Evaluates Scleral Lens Practice Trends

Most lenses prescribed are at least 16mm in diameter with an advanced landing zone design, and hydrogen peroxide disinfectants are most often recommended.

Myopia Spectacle Lenses Shown to Reduce Myopia Progression

Kids wearing glasses featuring “highly aspherical lenslets” experienced less refractive error and axial elongation than those with conventional single vision correction.

Keratoconus Patients May See Improvement with Scleral Lens Wear

A recent study reported an increase in mean nerve length and optical density after six months without intrastromal corneal ring segments.

J&J Contact Lens Prototype for Myopia Relies on Different Optics

The company hopes that using a ring of focus, rather than a point of focus, can break the tradeoff between efficacy and visual quality typical of existing dual-focus products.

Contact Contaminators

Acanthamoeba infections can be easily combated with stringent contact lens wear and care routines.

Corneal Contact Lenses Do Not Significantly Alter the Posterior Corneal Surface

A small steepening of keratometry was observed in this area among keratoconus patients wearing scleral lenses.

Ortho-K Discomfort Typically Resolves Within a Year

These symptoms gradually improved with wear, study finds.

Reusable CLs Increase Acanthamoeba Keratitis Risk Threefold

Leaving lenses on while showering or overnight and fewer follow-up appointments were also factors in this study.

Alterations in MG Morphology May Cause Contact Lens Discomfort

Monitor the eyelids, especially the lower one, in wearers.

Quadrant-Specific Sclerals Preferred by Patients

Compared with spherical lenses, this option increased patient comfort in a small study.

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