Contact Lenses

Multifocal CLs Most Effective Early in Myopia’s Course

This approach worked best before the condition intensified; older kids were equally amenable to several corrective lens interventions.

Time to Reclaim the “Rigid Lens” Moniker, Experts Argue

Replacing this descriptive term with the more commercially palatable “gas permeable” label is confusing and inaccurate, an editorial suggests.

Adjustable Scleral Lens Suits More Corneal Shapes and Conditions

Enhancements to the SynergEyes VS expand its versatility and performance, the manufacturer says.

New Algorithm Assesses Meibomian Glands in Scleral Lens Wearers

This method is objective and repeatable, researchers suggest.

Blue/Violet-Filtering Lenses Help Those with Low Contrast Sensitivity

However, they negatively affected those with high CS.

Binocular Vision Disorders Increase Chances of CL Dissatisfaction

Affected patients are more likely to drop out of lens wear, study shows.

Online Vendors Getting Better at Spectacle Rx Results

Only about one-tenth of current orders had optical quality issues, compared with 45% in a 2011 study.

Modern SiHy Designs Earn Good Marks for Ocular Health

Earlier versions didn’t fare as well when evaluated by conjunctival staining and other markers, research suggests.

Overnight Contact Lens Wearers Exhibit Limbal Vasculature Changes

Anterior segment OCT-A was able to help pinpoint these alterations, study shows.

Water Exposure Through Storage Cases May Contaminate Soft Lenses

Not surprisingly, those with the highest levels of bacteria belonged to participants with poorer hygiene compliance.