Contact Lenses

FTC Seeks Comments on Contact Lens Rule Changes

Suggested updates include digital prescription copy confirmation, stricter rules on robocalls.

Scleral Users at Lower Risk of Keratoplasty

This finding may encourage their use for keratoconus patients.

Comfort, Vision Inter-related in Contact Lens Satisfaction

Which parameter is more important depends on the patient’s visual status.

ID Scleral Lens Decentration The Easy Way

Using fixed-scale tangential power maps could have a range of potential applications in research and clinical practice.

Hemifacial Spasm Tied to Anterior Corneal Surface Changes

Stromal thickness was thinner in eyes of affected patients.

Scleral Lenses: A Month of Improved Vision and Comfort

The contact lens surface keeps its wettability, but that of the ocular surface is worse.

20-Year Trend Shows Lens Wear Still a Major Risk for MK

Chronic disorder–related microbial keratitis also on the rise.

New Tools to Tame Keratoconus

The OD’s armamentarium has never been so full and now includes everything from contact lenses to new medical procedures.

Extended Depth-of-Focus Optics: A Guide for Optometrists

Newer devices are expanding your patients’ visual landscapes. Learn more about how they function.

Environmental Protection

External organisms cause more aggressive cases of microbial keratitis than those native to the eye. Daily disposable use reduces the risk.

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2019 Conference Planner

Review of Optometry is pleased to offer this annual guide to live educational events for this year, ranging from local one-day seminars to the national meetings that span multiple days.

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