Contact Lenses

Silver Nanoparticles Reduce Acanthamoeba Risk

When added to some contact lens solutions, they reduced amoebic activity by up to 27%, study finds.

Sclerals Show Promise in Treating Infectious Keratitis

Adding moxifloxacin to the lens reservoir could represent an effective alternative to drops, study reports.

Keratoconus Patients With Diabetes or Depression More Likely to Receive Keratoplasty

Those with access to specialty contact lens fitting, by contrast, were able to put off surgery longer than others.

YouTube Contact Lens Videos Earn Mixed Reviews

Those from universities and occupational organizations received the best scores.

Multifocals Better Tolerated than Single Vision for Myopia Control

Three lenses tested resulted in reduced contrast sensitivity compared with spherical correction.

Patient and Parent Compliance Crucial to Pediatric Scleral Lens Wear

Young age shouldn’t necessarily be a contraindication to use, researchers say.

New CL Verification Bill Seeks to Quash Robocall Loopholes

Backed by the AOA, the pending legislation would also require online sellers to use direct communication to verify the Rx.

Corneal Swelling Found After Scleral Lens Wear

Both small- and large-diameter designs induced some edema following an hour of wear, study finds.

CL Comfort, Vision Perception Often Goes Hand-in-hand

The relationship between the two differed depending on the lens design and whether the wearer was presbyopic.

CL Wearers Report Less Discomfort with H2O2 Solutions

Still, complication rates were roughly equal between hydrogen peroxide and MPS systems.

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