Length of Sleep Might Yield Clues to Eye Disorder Risk

Longer duration was correlated with higher rates of DR, shorter periods with cataract.

DME Patients with Thinner Choroids Respond Better to Anti-VEGF

These individuals also needed fewer injections, study finds.

Long-term Data Shows Metformin Doesn’t Prevent AMD

In patients at high risk of type 2 diabetes, healthy lifestyle changes also weren’t associated with a change in the presence or severity of macular degeneration.

DR Lasting More than Five Years Associated With Dementia, Alzheimer’s

This finding prevailed even after adjusting for microalbuminuria, long-term glycemia or renal function. Neurovascular damage may be the common culprit.

New Findings Link Kidney Disease to DME

Study documents subretinal fluid in patients with renal disorders and identifies vascular hyperpermeability as the common mechanism.

HbA1c Cutoff Point Could Help Detect DR

Values up to 8.15 may help predict the risk of ocular disease in diabetes patients.

Anti-VEGF and Triamcinolone Acetonide Injections Improve DME Outcomes

These therapies produced superior results to cataract surgery alone, but the former was most effective.

DR Nomogram Predicts VA Loss

The model identified four independent risk factors for visual impairment in the cohort.

Corneas of Type 2 Diabetes Patients More Vulnerable to UVA Light

In a study on mice, those with the condition had greater oxidative damage and more distinct corneal edema after exposure.

DME May Have a New Biomarker

The presence of microaneurysms predicts how patients will respond to treatment for the condition.