Myopia Management: Putting Theory into Practice

A huge body of literature supports the concept, but many ODs struggle to implement various interventions. Here are lessons learned from the research that can help you.

Physical Activities May Reduce Myopia in Children

Study shows higher levels of exertion were associated with a decreased risk of refractive error.

Compound Posterior Staphyloma in High Myopes Should Be Considered More Advanced

Choroidal and scleral thicknesses were more decreased in this form and patients had a worse visual prognosis compared with the simple form.

Computer-aided Ortho-K Fitting Outperforms Traditional Method

In patients with myopia, the former approach resulted in a greater improvement in uncorrected VA but wasn’t superior in controlling axial elongation.

Degenerative Myopia Patients Present Higher Risk of Ocular Complications

They showed elevated rates of retinal detachments, glaucoma, age-related cataracts, dry eye syndrome and retinal neovascularization.

No Meaningful Rebound Effect Seen After Discontinuing Multifocals for Myopia Control

The BLINK2 study followed children and teenagers for an additional year after they wore such lenses for two years. Axial length and refraction were maintained.

More Evidence Supports Red Light Therapy in Myopia Management

After one year, mean change in SER was almost 1D while axial length difference was one-third of a millimeter. Safety concerns did not arise.

Red Light Therapy Less Effective in Pre-myopia Phase

A year of treatment reduced SE refraction by about three-quarters of a diopter among myopes but only one-third of a diopter in pre-myopes.

Meta-analysis Reaffirms Virtues of Multifocal Soft Lenses for Myopia

These lenses were shown to be safe and effective, but were noted to decrease low-contrast visual acuity at distance. Ortho-K also was deemed a bit more effective but also more prone to adverse effects.

Brimonidine Explored as Potential Myopia Treatment in Early Trials

While only being tested on animals right now, clinical application might emerge in time as more studies solidify its positive effects. The mechanism may involve changes to scleral and choroidal development during ocular growth.

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