Structural Complications Not Specific to High Myopia

In a new study, compromised corneal biomechanics started as low as -3.00D and worsened exponentially as refractive error increased.

Age of Myopia Onset Shown to Predict High Myopia

This research, conducted in China with Asian subjects, is likely also applicable to other ethnicities to some extent, and argues for early screening in school-aged children, researchers argue.

Myopic Shift Among the Long-term Effects of Overminus Lenses

Caregivers of kids with intermittent exotropia should be counseled about persistence of this phenomenon after treatment discontinuation.

Scleral Degeneration, Axial Elongation, Peripapillary Changes in High Myopia All Linked

Such changes impact the biomechanical environment around the optic nerve head and make it more prone to damage.

Myopia Could Impose Increased Stress on Corneal Endothelium

A recent study discovered higher degrees of polymegethism and pleomorphism in subjects with deeper anterior chambers.

LAMP Study: Atropine 0.05% Effective For Myopia Control at Five Years

The intervention even performed equally well in patients who had to restart treatment after a year of recession.

Kids with Convergence Excess Least Amenable to DIMS Lens Therapy for Myopia

This was found when compared with other types of vergence dysfunction in a population of Chinese children.

Ease Yourself Into Myopia Management

While it’s true that going “all-in” on this new area of care can give you the most control over outcomes, novices can find ways to begin gradually and still see success.

Body Stature Found to Influence Ocular Biometrics in Preschoolers

Conducted in China, this research indicated taller and heavier individuals had greater axial length and flatter corneas—but no corresponding increase in refractive error.

Watching TV and Moderate Physical Activity Linked to Lower Myopia Risk in European Population

Although these measures may be protective, computer usage continues to stand out as a significant contributor to this global health concern.

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