Study Correlates Myopic Changes on OCT-A, Ultra-widefield Imaging

Researchers argue the findings help understand disease-related retinopathy and its clinical biomarkers.

Meta-analysis Confirms Many Myopia Risk Factors

Near-sighted parents, female sex and several ocular parameters were cited, as was being from an undeveloped country and living in an urban environment.

Myopia Projected to Cause 27% to 43% of Visual Impairment in US in 2050

The impact is not restricted to high myopes, who made up only half of predicted cases. Researchers suggest more aggressive intervention is needed to abate the disease’s imminent public health burden.

Higher Education Linked to Increased Retinal Complications of High Myopia

A large study found a dose-response relationship between the two variables, especially in men.

Atopy Could Lead to Keratoconus in Children with High Myopia

New study further links eye rubbing with the ectatic disease, manifested here as a response to longstanding systemic allergy.

Choroidal Assessment Helps Stratify Complication Risk in High Myopia

Researchers found that a baseline thickness cutoff of 40μm was significantly associated with the presence of myopic maculopathies.

Lifestyle Changes and Challenges in Myopia Management

How to counsel patients on adopting good habits to survive growing up in the digital age, using evidence-based recommendations.

Myopia Management: A 10-Step Plan for Success

What can seem overwhelming to start is broken down using practical advice and an outline to implement the most widespread form of control: corrective lenses.

Create and Define Success in Myopia Management

To succeed in this new area of optometric care, consider resolving the following issues to take the next step in handling these patients.

Ethnicity, Eye Color May Impact Atropine Efficacy

Among other observations, COVID restrictions were also found to impact how fast children progressed visually.

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