Study Supports Drops for Myopia

New research validates the use of atropine.

Optic Nerve Head Tilt Affects VF Defects

Its size and location could help you anticipate characteristics of the defects that occur in myopic NTG.

How Environment and Genetics Give Rise to Myopia

More than half of the world’s population will be myopic by 2050. What factors are causing this epidemic?

Bring Myopia Management to the Foreground

The time to address this growing phenomenon is now. Let’s start with the basics.

Newly Discovered Biomarker May Show Myopia

Study: ultraviolet-B levels can be tested objectively.

Vision Therapy Improves Accommodative Facility

But the jury is still out on its role in decreasing myopia progression.

Pediatric RRD Outcomes Favor Myopia Etiologies

In a recent study, 92% of such cases achieved successful reattachment.

Understanding How Myopia Takes Root

Fertility treatments and birth month are among the unanticipated associations revealed by a large study.

Corneal Refractive Power Analysis Predicts Myopia Control Efficacy

Metric developed from changes in SE, asymmetry and astigmatism.

‘Big Data’ Research Anticipates Myopia Disease Course

Refraction at age 18 could be predicted as early as age 10 using this algorithm.

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