Prepare Employees for Myopia Visit Increase

To keep up with demand, researchers recommend upskilling current employees and tools to reduce chair time.

Earlier Puberty Onset in Girls Linked to Myopia

A significant proportion of the sex disparity in the condition may be explained by female patients reaching this stage of life earlier.

New Retinal Finding Characterized in Severely Myopic Eyes

Distinguishing extreme macular schisis simulating retinal detachment from macular hole retinal detachment is key due to differing treatment strategies.

Ortho-K Lens Market Expects Growth in Next Few Years

By that time, nearly 50% of eyecare providers who don’t currently fit this modality plan to start.

Ortho-K, Multifocal Soft Lenses Top Glasses in Myopia Control

The two methods reduced disease progression and axial elongation.

Ortho-K Wearers May Struggle With Adherence

Kids stop using their lenses for various reasons, which clinicians must incorporate into their education.

Rising RRD Incidence Linked to Myopia, Pseudophakia

This trend was most common in elderly patients, around the time posterior vitreous detachment is likely to occur.

Reduced Axial Elongation Reported Following Atropine, Ortho-K Combo

Study shows this outcome results from increased pupil dilation and choroidal thickening in myopic patients.

Choroidal Thinning Indicative of Myopia Progression

Nearsighted patients with associated optic nerve head features should be closely monitored with regular screening, study suggests.

OCT-A Detects Morphological Features of Neovascularization

Study shows this imaging tool predicts lesion shrinkage in eyes with myopic CNV receiving anti-VEGF therapy.

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