High Myopes at Elevated Risk for Cataract Complications

Posterior capsular rupture, retinal detachment, traction maculopathy and others occurred more frequently.

Multifocals Better Tolerated than Single Vision for Myopia Control

Three lenses tested resulted in reduced contrast sensitivity compared with spherical correction.

Insulin, Gender Linked to Myopia Development

Nutritional factors, however, played less of a role in a recent study.

Single Set of Common Genetic Variants Tied to Myopia

DNA with risk alleles associated with the condition were most common in high refractive error cases.

Gender Shift Noted in Myopia Rates

Girls were more prone to the condition in a study of kids vs. adults. In the latter group, men had higher prevalence.

Notable Myopic Shift in Younger Children During COVID-19

Home confinement increased the burden in kids between the ages of six and eight, who are more sensitive to environmental changes than older ones.

Swept-Source OCT-A Distinguishes Changes in Myopic Eyes

High myopia was associated with decreased choroidal thickness in all scan sizes.

Myopia Prevention Initiative Helps Reduce Childhood Cases

Rates dropped from 15% to 9% after patients upped their outdoor time for five years, study finds.

Study Delves into Pathologic Myopia’s Choroidal Effects

About 30% of eyes with the condition had macular neovascularization, researchers report.

What to Look for in High Myopes with Glaucoma

Larger BMO tilt angle, lower BMO ovality and thinner PCT were tied to increased axial length.

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