Treatment of Myopic Macular Neovascularization Effective for Five Years

Recurrent cases occurred frequently but did not alter the already poor visual prognosis.

Choroidal Vasculature Changes Linked to Pathological Myopia

Preventing any decrease should be a primary clinical goal, study suggests.

Baseline AL Determines Axial Elongation After a Year of Ortho-K

In eight- to 11-year-old children, a longer length before intervention demonstrated slower progression after.

Myopic MNV Recurrence, Older Age Increase Vision Loss on Anti-VEGF

Patients with worse baseline BCVA and less disease activity had a higher chance of visual improvement.

Myopia Spectacle Lenses Shown to Reduce Myopia Progression

Kids wearing glasses featuring “highly aspherical lenslets” experienced less refractive error and axial elongation than those with conventional single vision correction.

Diurnal, Seasonal Rhythms Affect Axial Length and Other Variables

Such patterns may help inform choices on myopia management interventions involving light exposure.

Bleb-related Infection More Likely in Thin Eyes

Remain vigilant for this finding in high myopes and also those with hyperlipidemia.

Study Pinpoints Myopic Macular Neovascularization Risk Factors

With this knowledge, physicians may be able to predict its development and initiate management accordingly.

J&J Contact Lens Prototype for Myopia Relies on Different Optics

The company hopes that using a ring of focus, rather than a point of focus, can break the tradeoff between efficacy and visual quality typical of existing dual-focus products.

Topical Version of Parkinson’s Drug Being Studied for Myopia Control

A Phase I trial finds no evidence of adverse effects from levodopa/carbidopa on ocular tissues.

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