Multifocal CLs Most Effective Early in Myopia’s Course

This approach worked best before the condition intensified; older kids were equally amenable to several corrective lens interventions.

Childhood-onset Myopia Increasing in Severity

At the same time, the prevalence of adult-onset is also on the rise.

Light Exposure Linked to Refractive Development in Kids

Preschoolers from Israel had more hyperopic reserve when they were exposed to higher amounts of indoor illumination.

Younger Teens with Higher Myopia at Greater Risk for Progression

Analysis of a large cohort revealed that this combination of factors had a five-year cumulative risk of 76%.

Tackling the “Myopia or Glaucoma?” Question

As the prevalence of both increase, ODs will be on the front lines, relying on a growing set of tools to aid proper diagnosis and management.

Myopia Development Common in Young Adults

Over an eight-year period, more than one-third of patients in their twenties experienced progression.

Reduced Choroidal Thickness Found in More Myopic Eyes

These patients also had an increased flow void and reduced choriocapillaris vascular density.

Choroidal Thickening May Inform Best Atropine Concentration

Children with myopia taking 0.025% or 0.05% showed better outcomes than those taking 0.01% over a two-year study.

Correct Localization of BMO on OCT Critical in High Myopes

This contributes to increased diagnostic accuracy and clinical management in these patients.

SMILE Demonstrates Positive Results Through 12 Months

Patients with myopia or myopic astigmatism achieved consistent, predictable outcomes for keratometric, cylinder and spherical measurements.