OCT Scans Aid GON Diagnosis

More than half of the time, the inner circle scan alone was sufficient.

High Myopes Have Different Anterior Eye Shape

The difference could impact contact lens fits, researchers suggest.

Carbs Implicated in Myopia Risk

Refined starches and sugars may increase myopia in young girls, but not boys.

Genetic Risk Factors Identified in Childhood Myopia

Two single-nucleotide polymorphisms were strongly associated with moderate and high myopia, while others signify axial length elongation and mild myopia.

Add Multifocals to Your Myopia Toolbox

These contact lenses are proving themselves to be an excellent treatment option. Here’s what you need to know.

Dueling Pandemics

Will COVID-driven changes in behavior accelerate myopia development?

Smartphones Don’t Increase Hyperopic Defocus

Children watching a smartphone exhibit no more defocus than those viewing a computer screen.

BLINK Results Support Multifocals for Myopia

The treatment modality significantly reduced the rate of myopia progression over three years.

AK Still a Risk for Young Ortho-K Patients

Of all contact lens-related cases in minors, the myopia control option was responsible for 13%.

Atropine, Ortho-K Combo May Boost Myopia Control

The dual approach resulted in a greater increase in subfoveal choroidal thickness than monotherapy.

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