How Amblyopia Impairs Children’s Everyday Function

Reading, writing and fine motor skills were among the visual processes significantly hindered, study finds.

Minority Youth Less Likely to Undergo Diabetic Eye Exams

These individuals were also five times more likely to have DR than their white counterparts, study finds.

Daytime Drowsiness Tied to Thinner Choroids in Kids

Chinese children with sleep disorders had a 13μm lower measurement on average.

Pediatric Myopia Predicts Final Refraction

Younger age of onset and -3D or more SER linked with progression.

Blepharoplasty-Induced Diplopia More Common Than Previously Thought

Almost 25% of surveyed surgeons say they’ve had at least one case of persistent diplopia following the procedure, research finds.

Kids and Screens: Debating the Dangers

While blue light isn’t inherently detrimental to the eye, unmanaged device use may hinder children in other ways.

Smaller Preemies at Higher Risk of Ocular Issues

Many of these younger patients also required optical correction, study reports.

Corneal Problems After Ortho-K Greater in High Myopes

Still, the incidence of a significant ocular issue was only 6.9%.

AI DR Screening Effective in Children

This technique was preferred over conventional screening in terms of accuracy and cost to patients.

Race and Location Risk Factors for Glaucoma Nonadherence

An alarming 43% of pediatric glaucoma patients were lost to tertiary follow-up.

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