Study Supports Drops for Myopia

New research validates the use of atropine.

Optometrists have Options for Dilating Children

Pediatric patients do just as well with alternatives.

Expand the Exam for Kids with Dyslexia

New data suggests a normal exam might miss key visual complications.

Should Hyperopic Infants Wear Glasses?

Probably not, a study says, unless the child shows progression.

Pediatric RRD Outcomes Favor Myopia Etiologies

In a recent study, 92% of such cases achieved successful reattachment.

School Nurse Screenings Miss the Mark

However, additional vision exams accurately identified most children with CIE.

Doctors May Be Over-Screening Premature Infants for Retinopathy

Study: fewer babies than thought are likely to progress.

Vision Impairment Reduces Self-perception, Complicates Development

Amblyopic children had lower self-esteem that was associated with slower reading speed and worse motor skills.

Electronic Displays Not Cause of Accommodative Lag in Children

Near targets and accommodative lag create hyperopic focus, however.

Surgery Targets Nonaccommodative Esotropia

Nearly half of the patients were successful.

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