Amblyopia, Strabismus Hinder Kids’ Academic Success

Students with motor deficits need more time to complete multiple-choice answer forms.

ER Visits Decline for Pediatric Eye Injuries

A majority of children presented with discharge alone.

Prematurity, Race Risk Factors for Infant Duct Obstruction

A majority of children presented with discharge alone.

Pediatric CXL Shows Long-term Safety, But Don’t Rush It

Untreated eyes in the same patients did not display progression over five years, researchers found.

Neonatal Caffeine Therapy: Positive Outcomes

A follow-up study in Pediatrics examined 11-year-old patients.

The Autism-Accommodative Connection

Research finds a threefold increase in visual deficits among those on the spectrum.

School and Parents Affect Kids’ Light Exposure

Children mimic their parents’ behaviors, providing another method of modifying environmental influences on eye growth.

News Review

OD Regulations | Eye Dominance | Drug Patents | Diabetic Retinopathy

Managing Amblyopia: Can Vision Therapy Cut It?

New technologies are making this once-controversial treatment option more viable.

Testing Children for Accommodative and Convergence Disorders

To obtain accurate test results for pediatric patients, consider these clinical strategies.

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