Scope of Practice

Study Demonstrates Safety, Efficacy of OD-performed Capsulotomy

No adverse reactions occurred, and 99% of patients reported subjective improvement in vision.

New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Allowing ODs to Administer Vaccines

This includes those for influenza, COVID-19 and shingles. The law takes effect in 60 days.

Ohio Joins Fight For Optometric Lasers

The proposed bill would permit ODs to perform capsulotomy, trabeculoplasty and LPI, as well as remove certain lesions, give injections and prescribe additional pharmaceutical agents.

Ophthalmologists’ Analysis Challenges Narrative of Improved Drive Times for OD-performed Laser Procedures

However, the study makes no mention of reduced waiting period when booking appointments with optometrists and other factors relating to the quality, affordability and availability of care.

AOA: Laser Capsulotomies Performed by ODs Improves Wait Times, Satisfaction

Respondents reported that 89% of patients were able to be seen by their optometrist within a week after cataract surgery, while only 9% could see an ophthalmologist that soon.

Iowa Gets Anesthesia Injections as Other States Pursue More Scope Gains

The law takes effect tomorrow. In New Hampshire, a bill allowing ODs to administer certain vaccinations heads to the governor’s desk, while New Jersey and Nebraska continue to advocate for legislation proposing the use of optometric lasers.

New Jersey Introduces Laser Legislation to Assembly, Senate

The identical bills would allow the state’s ODs to perform capsulotomy, SLT, LPI and lesion removal. It would also expand vaccine and prescription authority.

Alabama Laser Bill Killed Before Senate Vote

Before a scheduled public hearing was even held, Healthcare Committee members nixed the effort with no further explanation. Undaunted, the ALOA vows to reintroduce in 2024.

Alabama Laser Bill Passes House, California Retools for 2024 Effort

The legislation, which would permit capsulotomy and SLT, will be heard by the Senate Health Committee next week.

Washington Optometric Scope Bill Signed by Governor

The new law, enacted yesterday, will allow qualified ODs in the state to perform chalazion removal, certain injections and non-cosmetic eyelid surgery, as well as use topical and injectable anesthesia and prescribe oral steroids.

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September 22-24, 2023

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September 27, 2023

Showcasing Inflammation and IOP Control
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October 3, 2023

Addressing a Major Gap in the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease
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