Amblyopia, Strabismus Higher in Twin Children

Female sex, lower gestational age and lower birth weight were also significantly more common in this patient population.

Proposed Changes to Eyeglass Rule Debated at FTC Workshop

The recommendations could potentially burden ODs and MDs by imposing additional paperwork and regulations on practices. Members of the public have until June 20 to submit their comments on the matter.

Type 1 Diabetes Affects Accommodation, Study Shows

Most commonly observed was accommodative insufficiency.

24-2 VF Progression Rates Have Stronger Correlation with GCL than RNFL

Study shows that thinning of this marker may be a better indicator of functional loss in glaucoma than the more traditional measure.

Study Identifies Visual Field Defects Common in Glaucoma Subtypes

Compared with their normal-tension and POAG counterparts, angle-closure patients more often displayed partial arcuate patterns.

Bad, Worse, Worst

Proceed with caution in cases of progressing advanced glaucoma.

Patients with Parkinson’s Report High Prevalence of Visual Complaints

Unclear vision, difficulty reading, trouble focusing and blinded by bright light were among the most common issues.

Blindness from Trachoma Decreasing Globally

The condition still comprises the lion’s share corneal opacity cases, and risk increases with age and female sex, pointing to potential inequity in coverage of surgical services.

Portable Perimeters Similar to HFA in Mean Deviation, Not Sensitivity

A tablet-based device had substantial differences based on location, likely stemming from the design.

OCT Angiography May Be Good Diagnostic Tool for Amblyopia

The device was able to identify retinal vessel density in these patients to be lower than in controls.

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