Kids with Severe Cerebral VI Less Likely to be Prescribed Glasses

On the flipside, those with milder cases generally didn’t have significant refractive error warranting correction but still received a prescription for spectacle lenses, study finds.

Convergence Insufficiency Common in the Geriatric Population

Prevalence was higher than in most previous studies.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Responsible for Vision Problems

Orientation difficulties predominated in a small study that found disorders in just over half of subjects.

Closer CS Test Needed for Patients with Low Vision

Study shows performance improved when viewing the chart from a nearer vantage point.

Post-concussion Oculomotor Screenings Fall Short

Associated vision problems may prolong recovery, and 70% of kids with TBI experience at least one.

US States Lack Consistent School Vision Screening Rules

Only six necessitated exams at least every two years, while a handful of others had no requirements at all.

VA Loss and Blindness Rates Higher Than Expected in US

New analysis indicates the issue is even more substantial than previously thought.

Vision Impairment Increases Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

CDC researchers say clinical and lifestyle interventions to accommodate visual disabilities can help prevent heart disease.

Characteristics of Crash-related Vision Problems in Older Drivers

Impaired contrast sensitivity, slowed visual processing speed and reduced motion were the culprits, according to a real-world study.

Endophthalmitis Prognoses Depend Heavily on Baseline Presentation

VA, presence of ocular pain and bacterial identification were significant risk factors for subsequent visual impairment in a Japanese population.