Sleep Disorders and Functional Visual Status Found Related

Despite the correlation, causality remains unclear. Which factor is the catalyst for the other, or is the relationship bidirectional?

Visual Disorders More Common in Children, Adolescents with ADHD

A large study concluded this is likely not a result of medication or misdiagnosis, though researchers did observe higher prevalence in non-stimulant vs. stimulant users.

Vision Testing Visits Decrease During Adolescence

Children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds were particularly less likely to have reported receiving one within a year.

VR Perimetry Test-Retest Variability Still Vexes

One such device returned global indices that correlated with the gold standard Humphrey Field Analyzer but results were less reliable.

Financial, Insurance Hardships Linked to Poor Vision in US Children

Other factors include increasing age, residing in a rental property or with an unmarried parent, and living in the South, West or Midwest.

Study Evaluates Repeatability of Stereoacuity Tests

In orthoptic investigation, newer options like one called Asteroid may yield less variability from case to case.

Glaucoma Progression Better Recognized by Newer VF Index

Called targeted mean total deviation, the metric could better detect changes in early to moderate forms of the condition through heightened sensitivity and faster rate of change over other indices.

Visual Field Loss Associated With Higher Odds of Frailty

Due to the potential consequences for such individuals, experts suggest more frequent routine eye exams for patients who are vulnerable.

Study: Housing Instability Can Impact Vision Impairment

Among other observations, COVID restrictions were also found to impact how fast children progressed visually.

Neuro, Cardiac Assessments Warranted in Young Patients With Transient Monocular Vision Loss

Study finds that three out of 20 patients had abnormal findings associated with their condition.

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