Glaucoma-related Blindness Decreased Between 2000 and 2020

Still, nearly eight million people globally experience visual impairment of some sort from the condition, study says.

Emmetropia, Myopia and Hyperopia Increase Risk of Anisometropia

A correlation was found between severity and type of refractive error and condition development in preschool children.

Eyecare Disparities Track with Lower Employment, Educational Attainment

Conversely, access is better in poorer areas than in more affluent ones, likely due to population density differences.

Goldmann Stimulus Size II Best for 10-2 VF Diagnostic Test

This as well as the III option provided a better discrimination ability between patients with chiasm compression and healthy controls than size I.

Botox Matches Surgery in Treating Acquired Comitant Esotropia Short Term

Success rate was similar for up to 12 months, but lower at 24 months, study finds.

Unmet Refractive Need Most Acute in African-American Population

Correctable visual impairment was present in over two-thirds of this study cohort.

Nasal and Paracentral Regions of Optic Disc are Most Vulnerable to Visual Field Progression

Careful monitoring of these locations in patients with ocular hypertension may be useful.

Adequate Lighting May Foster Physical Activity for the Visually Impaired

This simple intervention might allow elderly patients to maintain appropriate levels of mobility.

Expanded Photoscreener Access Improves Amblyopia Screenings, But Not Disparities

One healthcare system screened 70% more patients after integrating this technology; however, persistent racial inequalities call for an additional solution.

Contrast Sensitivity Not an Effective Disease Screening Tool

It failed to aid diagnosis in a recent study but yielded insights into quality of life issues.

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