Physical Activity Can Lower Risk of Depression Older Adults with Hyperopia

A lifestyle that prioritizes movement as well as sleep mediated the relationship between refractive error and mood disorders.

When It’s Not Amblyopia: The Differential of Functional vs. Pathological Vision Loss

A clear understanding of the differences is key for effective patient management.

Geographic Location, Perceived Health Status Associated with Visual Impairment

Those who live in the South, lack insurance, have an income below poverty level and are elderly have the highest odds, study shows.

FTC Votes Unanimously to Require Rx Release Confirmation

The long-anticipated update was announced today. It goes into effect 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, which is expected “soon.”

Surgery for Adult-Onset Comitant Esotropia Highly Successful Regardless of Approach, Pattern

A recent case series found that the average patient was female, in their mid-thirties, myopic and had moderate esodeviations.

Sleep Quality and Eye Health Correlation Well Documented Among Visually Impaired

Despite this, various gaps in research occlude understanding of the bidirectional relationship between ocular conditions and somnolence.

Backward Light Scatter Most Influential on Visual Function in Fuchs’

Development of confluent guttae and higher-order aberrations seemed to affect acuity the most, study finds. AS-OCT didn’t seem to help with assessment.

Self-Reported Visual ‘Difficulty’ Doesn’t Equal Visual ‘Impairment’

The discrepancy between subjective and objective measures is influenced by patient-level factors, with several groups prone to under/over-reporting their status, study says.

Maintain Eye Health to Support the Brain

More evidence suggests that visual function may be tied to cognitive decline.

Physical, Psychosocial Challenges in Children Associated With Vision Problems

Reduced general health status, hearing loss, difficulty communicating, challenges in learning and trouble making friends were the biggest factors.

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