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Shauns California
Vision Testing
Get Colorimetry Corrected  
Industry standard tests for color vision are now available in a new, easy-to-administer print format through Konan’s new ColorDx series.

New Color Dx tests in print are now available with value added features. Using the latest colorimetry-corrected printing methods, the ColorDx Standard 24 is the newest edition of the PIP 24. The Standard 24 features the military validated adult/literate test, new administration features, enhanced reporting, a market-proven illiterate/pediatric test section, plus the addition of the Blind Spot Amsler. Meanwhile, a new edition of Color Vision Testing Made Easy has been released as ColorDx Pediatric 15. This test is designed for young children and mentally challenged individuals and has been used exclusively by the Special Olympics.


Contact Lens Care
Pick Up Peroxide
The most advanced peroxide-based cleaning and disinfecting lens solution in nearly a decade is now on the market, according to Bausch + Lomb.

PeroxiClear is a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution designed for the 52% of contact lens wearers who report discomfort and the 44% who have experienced lens buildup issues when using peroxide-based products. The company says PeroxiClear has been proven to provide all-day comfort and up to 20 hours of moisture.


Low Vision
Mega Magnifiers
These task-vision LED hand and stand magnifiers have a bright, flicker-free low-heat bulb that lasts 10,000 hours, says Tech Optics International.

Even illumination and a large, raised on/off switch make these easier to use, especially for seniors with arthritic fingers. They’re available in 6D, 8D, 12D, 20D, 23D, 28D, 36D, 38D, 44D and 50D and designed for the visually impaired, those with macular degeneration, dyslexia, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, other diseases of the eye, as well as back and neck pain, osteoporosis, arthritis or RA, and a number of neurological disorders.


Soulful Luxury
Touting a mantra of “soulful luxury,” Shauns California has introduced its first-ever Optical Collection.

The debut line is handcrafted in family-owned workshops in the heart of Italy and combines various shapes from cat-eye to round and rectangular. Shauns offers eight classically unique styles in an array of understated, yet distinct, colors. The company will continue its tradition of providing an exam and prescription glasses for a patient in a developing country for each pair sold.


Five-Star Software
Acquire, display, enhance, analyze and save your digital images obtained with a variety of Topcon photographic devices with the company’s DICOM-compliant ImageNet 5 Digital Imaging System.

ImageNet 5 features a robust SQL expanded database and has numerous image management functions. The digital acquisition procedures of ImageNet 5 cover color fundus imaging, red-free photography, fluorescein angiography, fundus auto fluorescence, indocyanine green angiography and photo slit lamp imaging.


Specialized Lenses
A 19-month-old girl who was born with detached retinas in both eyes (at right) will develop the ability to perceive light and shade and enhance her perception using customized lenses developed by Zeiss’ Great Lakes lab.

The lenses were designed for Lainey Parker by request from her aunt, a Zeiss customer. The +15D toric polycarbonate lenses required manual fining and have increased her freedom of movement, the company says.

Visit to donate to Lainey’s ongoing medical costs.