Refraction doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking in the COVID era. A just-released new version of the Visionix digital phoropter, called VX65, lets you perform the vision testing you need while minimizing proximity to patients. Manufacturer Luneau Technology says the VX65 allows a smooth transition for ODs looking to bring digital refraction into their practice. Practitioners can choose between manual or auto modes while controlling the entire refraction process from a hand-held tablet six feet—or an entire room—away. Those not yet ready to refract from a tablet can buy an optional ergonomic control panel.

As a digital device, the VX65 can export refraction data to EMR and import data from external devices such as auto-ref keratometers and lensmeters for quicker workflow and fewer errors. According to Luneau, the VX65 has a five-year warranty but durability testing projects it’ll still be going strong after 10 years of heavy use.


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