Scleral lenses are increasingly being used in optometric practice. As their popularity grows, expectations do too—with practitioners now looking for things like multifocal correction, improved optics and greater versatility in fitting capabilities. To meet these demands, SynergEyes recently announced three additions to its SynergEyes VS scleral: a multifocal option, aberration control and broader limbal clearance.

The SynergEyes VS uses two bi-tangential landing zones—linear and toric—that can be adjusted independently without affecting the others to accommodate for the toricity of the sclera and fit its natural shape, the company says. Now, this lens can also be made with a front surface progressive center distance design that provides add powers of +1.00D to +3.00D in 0.5 steps, according to the company. 

The multifocal version includes aberration control as a standard element; it’s also available as an option on single-vision lenses. This helps minimize lens-induced aberrations and promotes a more consistent power flow through the optical zone, a company press releases states.

Finally, eyes with larger a horizontal visible iris diameter may need broader limbal clearance. SynergEyes now allows this to be boosted by either 25µm or 50µm, the company says.

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