Practitioners who want top-of-the-line optics and functionality when performing binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy might be interested in the new Omega 600 BIO, just launched by Heine, the company says.

Several notable features set the Omega 600 apart, according to Heine:

  • A new design based on an “ultralight” battery makes it the most lightweight high-end indirect on the market.
  • A brightness regulator provides up to a 20% better view of the retina for examination of cataract patients with media opacities and an overall more tolerable light intensity for both the patient and the provider. Heine calls this system VisionBoost.
  • The surface design allows easy cleaning and disinfection, and all cables and electronics are integrated into the new headband for unencumbered use.
  • Easy adjustment of stereoscopic viewing to suit any pupil size (including newborns) and desired peripheral view.
  • A better view through the optic by use of non-reflective front glass.
  • Choice of yellow, cobalt blue and red-free filters.
  • Heine says it offers a five-year warranty on the quality of its materials, workmanship and design.

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