A recent study in the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology has noted an association between vitamin D levels and choroidal thickness values. The researchers also found that vitamin D replacement therapy helped increase thickness in patients with a vitamin D deficiency.

The researchers compared 65 patients diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency and 60 healthy individuals with normal vitamin D levels. The study found that the subfoveal, temporal and nasal choroidal thickness values in the deficient group were statistically significantly lower than those in the healthy group.

After treatment with vitamin D, the researchers saw a significant increase in the choroidal thicknesses compared with the baseline measurements in the deficient group. They also noted a positive correlation between vitamin D values and subfoveal, temporal and nasal choroidal thickness values. The study concluded that future studies that evaluate choroidal thickness should also assess serum vitamin D levels in participants.

Öncül H, Alakus MF, Çağlayan M, et al. Changes in choroidal thickness after vitamin D supplementation in patients with vitamin D deficiency. Can J Ophthalmol. August 18, 2020. [Epub ahead of print].