Fortisite compounded antibiotic (tobramycin 1.5% and vancomycin 5%).

Fortisite compounded antibiotic (tobramycin 1.5% and vancomycin 5%). Click image to enlarge.

Back in October, ImprimisRx announced that its compounded antibiotic, Fortisite—formulated with tobramycin 1.5% and vancomycin 5%—could be ordered by patients through the ImprimisRx 503A pharmacy. Now, the antibiotic is also available to physicians for in-office use through the company’s 503B outsourcing facility, according to a press release. This means that eyecare providers will be able to keep the drug on hand at their clinic to use in cases of ocular infection where immediate treatment may result in a more positive outcome for the patient.

To ease the financial burden of continuously stocking antibiotics as they expire, ImprimisRx developed what it calls a Patient Access Program, which promises a 100% replacement guarantee for any expired 503B Fortisite product. The company says that the formulation—which comes in a 7mL bottle—can last for up to 180 days when kept refrigerated at a temperature of 5°C. The recommended temperature range for storing the antibiotic is 2°C to 8°C, and it should also be protected from light, according to the product insert.

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