If you’re in the market for a manual phoropter but want the benefits of speed and digital assistance that conventional models lack, the new Vision-R 700 from Essilor Instruments may fit the bill, according to the company.

The Vision-R 700 uses a unique optical module with variable focus and a new cylinder-search method, a company press release explains. These allow simultaneous and continuous variations of sphere power, cylinder axis and cylinder power by automatically compensating for the effect that any change in sphere, cylinder and axis has on the other dimensions. Essilor calls this “digital infinite refraction” and believes it offers great potential for advancements in refraction methods. The company says its new lens module and use of refraction algorithms cuts time from the refraction process—potentially down to three minutes—without sacrificing accuracy.

Essilor also says the Vision-R 700 offers a wider field of view, which eliminates the need for superposition of lenses as in traditional phoropters, giving the patient a more comfortable viewing experience without the effect of tunnel vision. Another nice feature: the ability to incorporate a patient response of “I don’t know” when presented with Rx choices.

For more information, visit www.essilorinstrumentsusa.com.