A woman holding frames featuring lenses with the new Acunis FL-41 filter for patients with light sensitivity.

Conditions such as frequent migraines or traumatic brain injury sometimes lead patients to experience light sensitivity, which can compromise vision quality and aggravate their symptoms. Filtered lenses, such as one just released by Eschenbach, are one effective treatment consideration for patients with this complaint. The new lens option, called Acunis FL-41, aims to improve sensitivity by reducing the transmission of the light wavelengths responsible for glare, the company said in a press release.

Based on their visual needs, the Acunis FL-41 filter is offered in three tints: light (25% absorption), medium (50% absorption) and dark (75% absorption). Each can accompany one of four different frame selections, two made of stainless steel and two made of acetate.

For more information, visit www.eschenbach.com.