Study Identifies OCT Parameters to Help Distinguish Between Neuropathies

Minimum rim width can help optometrists differentiate patients with NAION and GON.

Ocular Torsional Instability May Signal Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Depending on whether strabismus is present, neuroimaging may be warranted to rule out causes of neurological disease.

Glaucoma Linked to Decreased Dementia Risk

This association was present in multiple open-angle subtypes.

MOG Leads to Fog

Sudden vision loss requires a timely workup and a decisive plan.

Apolipoprotein Not Always Indicative of Glaucoma

Researchers looking at the E4 allele found its incidence yielded a negative correlation to the disease but noted its possible contribution to neuronal loss.

Cup-to-Disc Ratio Associated with Optic Nerve, Brain Aging

Enlarged cupping in women without glaucoma could possibly provide a surrogate measure of pathologic changes and cognitive function.

Visits for Flashes and Floaters Strain Emergency Services, Study Finds

Researchers hope that developing a more informed triage strategy can increase efficiency for the healthcare system.

Early Dementia May Be Detectable Through Ocular Signs

Despite this possibility, much more research is needed to determine the best diagnostic criteria.

A Guide to Demyelinating Diseases of the CNS

This overview can help you better understand the clinical features and findings of optic neuritis, neuromyelitis optica and MOG.

Body Mass Index Helps Predict OSA Severity

The condition is more common among men with IIH, study finds.

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