Optic Disc Drusen Prevalence 15 Times Higher in RP Patients

This estimate—greater than most—was made with the most sensitive imaging tool available.

Neuritis, NAION Main Causes for Optic Disc Edema

Seen with cases presented to neuro-ophthalmology clinics, the former resulted in better visual prognosis.

Dementia Risk Tied to Motor Neuropathy

Early diagnosis should be followed by neurological examinations, experts say.

Optometry Needed More in Urgent Referral Care

The overburdened and dwindling subspecialty of neuro-ophthalmology inevitably means that ODs will see more patients who require prompt, accurate triaging.

Severe Photophobia from Migraines Impacts Work Productivity

This exasperating symptom was associated with higher disability and impairment.

A Big Headache

Contoured prism glasses could solve this ocular-related issue.

Pregnancy-related Weight Gain Carries Lower Papilledema Risk in IIH

Researchers suggest this could be related to a difference in weight distribution or hormonal changes.

Emergency Departments Strained by Neuro-ophth Referral Consults

Study finds patients are flocking to hospitals due to the subspecialty’s shortage of providers nationwide.

Macular OCT Helps Distinguish Maculopathy from Optic Neuropathy

Especially in the presence of normal RNFL thickness, the scan could simplify differential diagnosis, experts say. Doctors are also advised to order neuroimaging with contrast to rule out compressive lesions.

Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome Linked with Alzheimer’s

As indicated by higher instances of brain atrophy, patients displayed greater rates of the neurodegenerative disease.

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