Amusement parks, scout camps, a visit to relatives up north. Most of us have written a volumes worth of essays on how we spent our summer vacations. Every fall, when we returned to school, wed arrive, masterpiece in hand, with the hopes that our own tales matchedor even surpassedthe exploits of our fellow classmates.

When we were young, life was all about the summer vacation. Then, we graduated and got real jobs. Many of you opened your own private practices. As business owners and busy professionals, summer vacations grew shorter and shorter for many of us. Unfortunately, for some, the last summer vacation in memory dates back almost as far as one of those lost, but fondly remembered, school essays.

I hope, for your sake, that Im not describing the fate of your summer vacation because I wanted to tell you about the great time that many of your colleagues had this year.

Review of Optometry is making it an annual tradition to share our summer vacation with our readers. For the past two years, weve held educational conferences on the sunny island of Bermuda. This year, we partnered with SECO International, who worked with us to make the event a huge success. Last month, more than 150 optometrists got together for a long weekend filled with fun, family, friends and, of course, education.

The COPE-approved courses, led by some of optometrys biggest names, ended by 11:30 every morning, leaving the rest of the day for leisure.

Some of us rested on the beach or at the pool, while the more adventurous rented sailboats, scooters and jet skies. In the evenings, O.D.s had the option of reconvening for a cocktail reception.

I know its hard to get away when your life is so full already. But sometimes you just need a break, and you really cant beat the opportunity to condense your required CE together with an outstanding family (or singles) vacation. And, it doesnt hurt when your accountant determines it may be tax deductible to boot.

Weve gotten a lot of feedback on where we should meet next year, so keep an eye on our Meetings + Conferences page at the back of the magazine for developing details. And, by all means, if you missed out this year, join us in 2007. You wont be sorry, and the memories will last a lifetimeeven if theyre not recorded on paper and recited in front of the class.

Vol. No: 143:08Issue: 8/15/2006