April 15, 2024



Advances in Endothelial Surgery: An Update for ODs

DMEK remains the current procedure of choice, but newer techniques may obviate the need for donor tissue entirely. Read on to learn the current state of the art and, perhaps, glimpse the future.

Corneal Cases: Which are Right For You?

Here’s how to evaluate a wide array of presentations and decide whether to accept or send to another provider.

Corneal Pain Presentations: Causes and Interventions

Get up to speed on the basis and manifestations of neuropathic as well as neurotrophic changes.

Sizing Up Keratoconus: The Roles of Topography and Tomography

Three different imaging modalities serve their own purposes for diagnosing and monitoring this condition.

Practice Management

Building a Top-Flight Staff

A successful optometry practice requires a dedicated, passionate team and effective leadership. Here’s how to land ideal candidates and foster a positive office environment to keep them there long-term.



What's Your Plan?

Make patients see better. It should be as simple as that.

Clinical Quandaries

Big Things in Small Packages

A new extended-release drug delivery device can help tremendously with compliance—if insurance covers the hefty price tag.

Diagnostic Quiz

The Enemy Within

A patient presents with anterior uveitis as well as several systemic conditions, plus retinal detachment. What’s going on?

Focus on Refraction

To See in 3D

A review of stereo tests.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Enough Data to Track Glaucoma Patients?

It can be challenging to obtain adequate info when fundamental glaucomatous damage markers are blocked for other reasons.


Attack of the Clones

Artificial intelligence tools may be able to imitate some of a doctor’s skills, but they come up short where it really matters.

Retina Quiz

Closed Off

This condition is rarely seen in a typical healthy population.

Surgical Minute

Hot Topic

Same-day bilateral cataract surgery, while controversial, is making waves worldwide.

Therapeutic Review

Twin Tumor Therapies

Tivdak and Elahere are important advances for disease control in aggressive, often difficult-to-treat gynecological cancers.

Through My Eyes

Corneal and Allergy Conundrums

Let’s dive into both worlds and explore new treatments.

You Be the Judge

Flashes? Think Beyond the Retina

Limiting your exam of a patient who presents with this complaint can prove to be disastrous.