Vision-S 700
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An auto phoropter called the Vision-S 700 refraction station, recently launched by Essilor Instruments, allows for remotely controlled—and hence COVID-safe—testing, requiring no physical contact between you and the patient from start to finish, says the company.

Like the company’s Vision-R 700 manual phoropter, this new device also uses a unique “liquid lens” optical module and software algorithms that allow simultaneous and continuous variations of lens power by automatically compensating for the effect that any change in sphere, cylinder and axis has on the other dimensions. Essilor calls this “digital infinite refraction” and says it cuts time from the refraction process—potentially down to three minutes—without sacrificing accuracy.

To save space in the practice, the Vision-S 700 also eliminates the need for physical separation between the patient and chart by creating an “immersive” refraction experience that simulates the appropriate amount of distance for vision testing, a company press release explains. Vertex distance and monocular pupillary distance can be adjusted and patient position monitored from afar by the doctor or tech. The test gives patients the option to respond to lens changes with “I don’t know/they appear equal” to encourage accurate and informed results, giving patients and ODs greater confidence in the prescription, the company says.

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