If you want to help your low vision patients, you don’t necessarily have to refer them out. A new lens product line from EnChroma called the Lx Series is designed expressly to help people with age-related eye conditions, according to the manufacturer.

The Lx Series is intended to help people with vision impairment by reducing the disabling effects of glare, improving contrast and enhancing color vision over multiple lighting conditions, EnChroma says. A trial kit includes four items: a Category 1 lens (80% transmission) for low-light and night-time use, Category 2 and 3 lenses (12% and 36% transmission, respectively) for combined glare reduction and color vision enhancement, and an ultra-dark Category 4 lens (3% transmission) for extreme glare management. 

To develop the lenses, EnChroma worked with low vision optometrists and patients with rare but serious eye conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, a company press release explains. Patients with conditions such as cataracts, corneal damage, optic neuropathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other visual disorders associated with glare sensitivity and reduced color vision may also benefit from adopting the new lens, according to the release. 

The lenses are available in non-prescription and Rx forms including single vision, progressive and blended bifocal designs. For more information, email  reseller.support@enchroma.com or call 510-771-8914.