For most, January is a month dedicated to looking ahead. Whether these steps lead us back to the gym or closer to that dream vacation, most of us spend the first month of the year working toward or writing down the many things we resolve to do in the future.

At Review of Optometry, our list of resolutions is long and forever changing along with the profession. But this year, rather than detail our lengthy to-do list, we want to instead share with you some of the many accomplishments of years past.

In 2006, Review celebrates its 115th anniversary. Were kicking off the celebration with this Special Anniversary Edition. In it, we take a walk down memory lane, where youll find yourself knee-deep in nostalgia and a little better educated on some of the historical events that shaped the optometric profession.

In, Champion for the Profession, Senior Editor John Murphy takes you on a journey through optometrys past. Youll learn about Frederick Boger, Reviews founder, and his role in creating the profession. Youll also glean some insight into optometrys struggles and problems, and learn how Review helped optometrys forefathers and todays optometric trailblazers fight the good fight to advance and protect the profession you love.

Vol. No: 143:01Issue: 1/15/2006