Looking into the demographics of primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG), the most common type of glaucoma in Chinese hospitals, researchers there recently found that it was most prevalent in male patients. Women had higher rates of the acute form, which resulted in the worst visual outcomes of all primary angle-closure subtypes.

This retrospective analysis included 5,762 Chinese patients with glaucoma, of which 79.6% had PACG. Of this subset, 72.1% were female, and the average age of patients was 63.8±9.3 years.

The team reported that PACG was more commonly diagnosed in males (60.0%); whereas, acute PACG was more commonly diagnosed in females (54.3%). Patients affected by the latter condition tended to have lower visual acuity and higher rates of low vision and blindness.

Zhang H, Cao K, Jia H, et al. Clinical characteristics, rates of blindness and geographic features of primary angle-closure disease in hospitals of the Chinese Glaucoma Study Consortium. Can J Ophthalmol. January 21, 2021. [Epub ahead of print].