With subscriptions for contact lenses becoming more popular, your patients who wear Acuvue lenses can now take advantage of this option, too. Today, Johnson & Johnson Vision  (JJV) announced a program called MyAcuvue that allows wearers to spread out the payment for an annual supply of lenses over the course of a year.

The goal, JJV says, is to allow patients who believe Acuvue lens wear is financially out of reach for them to access the option “through a convenient, affordable and reliable process, while also saving time and providing value to eye care professionals.”

After a comprehensive exam and contact lens fitting, patients have the option of paying upfront for an annual supply or setting up a payment schedule. Patients who purchase the full annual supply upfront are entitled to take part in the company’s rebate program, called MyAcuvue Rewards. Rebate amounts vary by product; the amounts can be found here.

For those opting for a subscription plan, billing frequency depends on the specific category of lenses purchased: daily disposables will be shipped and billed to patients monthly using 30-packs, two-week replacement brands will be shipped and billed quarterly using six-packs and monthly lenses will be shipped and billed quarterly using three-packs, except Acuvue Vita for Astigmatism which will be shipped and billed semi-annually using six-packs. 

Orders are placed through the doctor’s practice, with lenses shipped directly from JJV to the contact lens wearer. There are no fees to the eye care practice to participate. Shipping is free, and the program will allow patients to use their full insurance benefit, JJV says. Eye care practices set pricing for their patients.