By early next year, optometrists will be able to prescribe a new daily disposable contact lens called Precision1 that its manufacturer, Alcon, says is ideally suited to the new contact lens wearer. Research cited by the company shows that 20% of new wearers drop out within the first year, and 57% do not inform their eye doctor about that.

To help, Alcon developed Precision1 to negate what it identifies as the top three motivators of dropout: poor vision, poor comfort and even the frustrations that arise from poor lens handling.

Precision1 uses a new silicone hydrogel material, verofilcon A, and includes a permanently adhered ‘microthin’ (2-3µm) layer of moisture. Alcon says this feature, which it calls SmartSurface, improves comfort and supports a stable tear film to reduce visual fluctuation. The lens has a water content of 51% at the core and greater than 80% at the anterior surface.

Alcon announced the upcoming product launch at a press briefing today.

The company is positioning the new lens as a mid-tier option between its value-priced Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus and premium Dailies Total1 lines, with a recommended price of $78.75 per 90-pack. That works out to about $630 for an annual supply, though the company says pricing will ultimately be at the discretion of the doctor.

The lens will be available in a power range of -12.00D to +8.00D, with a 14.2mm diameter and an 8.3 base curve. Precision1 will begin rolling out to select US doctors in September, with widespread access anticipated for early 2020.